• Jen Gibbs

Don't Forget to Breathe

Origininally published on my Odyssey page on August 15th, 2016

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Ahhh the sweet, sweet smell of anxiety and stress as I'm getting ready for this upcoming school year. I stare at my tuition costs on my laptop and I try my hardest not to completely sob as I watch my summer savings go down the drain while purchasing textbooks. My frustration seems to be only getting worse while I am patiently (actually not so patiently) waiting for my student loans and scholarship money to be accessed and processed. I take another look into my planner and try to schedule a time to meet up with an old friend but I hardly see any blank space. I see one job taking up most of the week, whoops, scratch that, two jobs, a meeting here and another meeting there. Classes are now scattered about and so I have to plan around those as well. I almost become overwhelmed just by looking at what is coming up soon. But then I remember to breathe. Instead of continuing to look at my hectic calendar, I simply look up at a picture frame where I see myself along with other friends, laughing and smiling. There's four pictures total in the frame set-up but there's not one that I value more than another because each photo contains different people in them and then I realize how lucky I am, to have SO many amazing, wonderful, outstanding people in my life cheering me on. I love each picture; I love each person.

As students, I believe we think that time will last forever. I mean for most of us, we will have graduated with just about 18 or more years of schooling from Pre-K to college graduation. However, we are not students forever. We are not always going to have the opportunity to be around our closest friends, we aren't always going to be able to run on only 4 (or even 2 or less) hours of sleep. So please just remember to breathe. I look back at my planner again and I can feel the anxiety welling up once more but my nerves are quickly settled because I remember that I am blessed. I have the ABILITY to be so crazy, insanely busy and I get to meet new people and I get to learn about what the world has to offer and if I wasn't busy then maybe I wouldn't get those special chances that other people don't get to take. This world is beautiful and often times I think as humans, we forget that. We focus too much on the negative, not enough on the positive. We look at our schedules and get so caught up in little details that we don't see the big picture. We forget to breathe. My advice? Take a step back. Realize that not everything has to (or will) go according to your plans – spontaneity doesn't have to be a bad thing. Love the moment you're living right now because time moves faster than we think.

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