• Jen Gibbs

Fleeting Emotions

Originally published on my Odyssey page on October 24th, 2017

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Remember that time when you laughed so hard, your stomach started cramping? You thought to yourself, "This is great!"

Or wait, what about that time when you pushed yourself and actually succeeded? Even when you (or maybe even others) didn't think you could--You did. That feeling of success is still there, in that memory.

But do you also remember that sinking feeling in your stomach when you read that unwanted text? How it felt like your world was crumbling down with one. simple. message.

Or worse, do you remember that time when you failed? Like miserably? You literally sucked at being a person and made a horrible mistake. The mistake that you leave bottled up with the secret you'll take to your grave.

However, that feeling of pure love when your sibling willingly gives you a hug makes up for your horrible mistake because even for a second, that haunting moment drifts away to be filled with only true happiness.

When your first love grazes your lips with their own and the world spins, almost out of control. You feel yourself falling and flying all at the same time. The world stops. The world goes fast. There's no explanation.

That first cut after a heartbreak. Your world is in shambles. You're over a toilet, and then stuffing yourself with food. You're drinking and partying and enjoying yourself only to distract from the pain, from the memories.

Remember that time when your true love came into your life? The feeling of home filling your chest and your heart settles back into a rhythm. The same rhythm you were born with.

Hasn't happened yet? It will. Give it time. Your emotions are fleeting, constantly changing and evolving with every passing moment, with every memory you make. Sometimes it can be hard to see past the "here and now." But you'll get through it. The difficult times just make the good times that much sweeter.

If you're going through a hard time, don't let the hard recollections tear you down, let the enjoyable ones fill you up. Keep in mind that time will pass and you'll make new memories.

You got this.

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