• Jen Gibbs

It's Time to Get A Little Uncomfortable

I am currently sitting here, sipping my coffee, and trying to figure out what my next move is. There's snow covering the ground outside my apartment (in April!?), my fish has decided to try dying for the third time this year and so he's in his recovery process once again, I have homework that needs to be finished and final school bills to pay.


There's also dreams that need to be followed and excitement that is meeting joy. Which brings me here. I'm here writing my first official blog post for my new website. It was a News Years Resolution and I have hit my goal of having a working site up and going by the end of April.

So often it feels like we all have these aspirations of "Oh I would love to do that if I had time, money, motivation, etc." We spend so much time thinking about it, we don't end up actually following through. The doubts start settling in, the negative talk becomes all too prevalent, and we become discouraged from following our true passions. Why?!

Because we're comfortable.

However, being comfortable and staying away from change rarely leads to our true happiness. It can be hard to do. Bravery isn't something that ever comes easy but it's always something that brings the best rewards. So find your passions, create goals or small milestones and celebrate each and every one you accomplish. Your dreams may change and your happiness may switch but guess what? That means you're growing, that means you get to create new goals and celebrate even more.

I'm in the process of following through on a goal I set at the beginning of the year. So please, take a look around! Don't be afraid to ask questions, or say what you do or don't like. I'm still in the learning process, and I want to hear what YOU think! I also would love to hear about all the goals you've been crushing this year!

I'm excited for this journey and I'm thankful you are here to follow along.

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