• Jen Gibbs

Change Is An Inevitable Constant




  1. certain to happen; unavoidable.

synonyms:unavoidable, inescapable, inexorable, ineluctable


2. a situation that is unavoidable.

It's that time of year for a lot of kids my age. Graduation is lurking. Job offers are being accepted. Grad school classes are getting all lined up. For most of us, this is our second go-round which is also crazy to think about because, only four years ago we were getting ready for our high school graduation. We were excited to move into our college dorms, meet new friends, and maybe even learn a little (emphasis on the maybe).

Four years later, we're going through the familiar process once again. Only this time, it's the big leagues. Student loans need to be repaid. Which means a job. Where do you get a job? An actual job that you enjoy? Where do I need to go? Back home? Do I move in with my parents again? Do I get an apartment? Can I even afford an apartment?!

But then there's the other non-financial factors. What about my friends? My girlfriend, my boyfriend? Can we make this work out if I move away? Where do I even want to move away to? Do I want to take that job offer across the country? Or that one 20 minutes away?

The most common question I find that I keep asking myself is"How in the world do I make friends as an adult?"

To say I don't know what I'm doing with my life at the moment would be an understatement. As a soon-to-be-graduate I get asked "What are your plans after your graduation?" pretty much daily. And Every. Single. Time. my first thought is "I have no fricking clue." But instead I respond with "Oh, I have a job lined up. It's the same place I work now and I'm just excited for the pay raise!" Until last Friday, this answer was enough for me even though I've felt somewhat left out after hearing my friends excitement of getting new jobs at large corporations or following their dreams at local start-ups.

But then, something I wasn't expecting got thrown into the mix:

  1. My boyfriend of over two years was ~randomly~ offered a job in Colorado from his current employer.

  2. His plans are to be all moved in and at work by May 22nd.

  3. I am not going to Colorado on May 22nd.

Change is inevitable. Change happens fast. Change happens when you least expect it.

As someone who generally hates change overall and has to have a plan and list for literally everything I do in life, as a reflex to the news I set up a plan. I actually set up multiple plans. But the only problem is:

I cannot plan on any outcome at this very moment.

The "unknowingness" is terrifying. But day by day I'm learning. I'm still trying to formulate plan after plan. And truth be told: I have not a single clue what I am doing or what I am going to do which is making those "plans" 10x harder to make.

Most college students of all ages are having mental breakdowns at this point in the semester. I know I'm not alone in this type of situation. I know that finals are stressful. I know that it may seem the world is going to end if you fail that class or you don't get your dream job. I know it may seem that your world is crashing in when your signficant other moves across the country. I'm here to remind you that it's not.

The world will go on. YOU will go on.

Time is not the enemy even though it so often feels that way. The world will adjust to whatever decisions you make. Good or bad. Change is inevitable. But you know what?

If change is inevitable that means your growth is too.

So go on my dears. Let the change come and let yourself grow. You're building yourselves everyday to create the person you were, in the end, meant to be. Don't let change scare you into hiding, let it force you to blossom.

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