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Irresistible Ireland💚

School is ~finally~ starting to wind down. Assignment after assignment is being turned in and I'm finally getting a chance to breathe and reflect. I have found that I barely think about the amazing adventure I was able to experience over spring break with such a great group of people.

In November, my friends and I decided to book plane tickets to Dublin, Ireland for our spring break and I don't think we could have picked a better place to explore. Plus how could you go wrong with traveling to Dublin for Saint Patrick's day?! *It was awesome.* With round trip tickets only $630 (S/O to Google flights!) and our AirBnb costing each of us $192 we had the main part of the trip covered for only $822. (I still think this is a steal. If you have traveled for cheaper, please hit up DM's and TEACH ME YOUR WAYS!)

Food Recommendations

The scenary was fantastic and the food was even better. I was lucky to grow up with Irish stew/pot roast on the reg because my grandma loved it. I will NEVER say that the restaurant food was better than my grandma's but it came pretty dang close. Other favs from the group were the Guinness Stew and Salmon, mashed potatoes, mussles combo--personally, I'm still dreaming about that salmon meal and I need more of it ASAP.

We made trips to a lot of restaurants while we were there including:

Best Places to Visit

I'm pretty sure everyone in our group had a blast throughout the entire trip. However, everyone has to have their favorite parts, right? Since Dublin is more of what I would call "an American city" than some other places, my favorite part was when we took a day trip to Galway. The city is known for it's "younger" crowd due to the university residing there. However, the buildings and the ease of travel to the Cliffs of Moher in County Clare was what made me excited. (Also, Galway was noticably cheaper than Dublin, which was a great perk!)

I also was huge fan of Phoenix Park in Dublin. It's the largest park in all of Europe. There's a zoo somewhere in it but we never made it there. We stopped to enjoy the sunshine, (which is sparse during March, especially since we had experienced a snow storm two days before) take some quick naps, and play with the geese and ducks before the day came to a close.

History and Art

We visited Saint Patrick's Cathedral which held SO much history for the country and for the Catholic church. It costs a bit of money so we opted to just sit outside in the yard and admired how much the outside resembled a castle.

On our last free day we also headed over to the National Gallery of Ireland. We visited three different museums including the National History Museum (aka pretty much what Night at the Museum is) that day all for free! The National Gallery was the largest and held some of the world's most known artists. The large museum seemed to remind a lot of us of a fun house with the long hallways and the never ending rooms.

Alcohol Tours

Of course last but not least, were the alcohol tours! We had the chance to see the Jameson Distillery, the Teeling Distillery, and the Guinness Storehouse aka Mark and I's favorite beer. If you find yourself in Dublin, I HIGHLY recommend the Jameson Distillery even if you're not a huge fan of whiskey. I learned A TON and our tour guide was awesome. It's not a working distillery which is why we headed over to Teelings once we finished the Jameson tour. Teelings is an operating distillery and it's definitely different from the Jameson tour. The Guinness Brewery tour was self-guided which I wasn't a huge fan of. Also PRO-TIP: you get ONE free drink at the Guinness Factory, but there are MULTIPLE places to spend it. I recommend to not jump the gun at the first drink stop. Instead, go to the fourth floor and become a master pourer of Guinness by pouring the pint yourself!

I'm grateful for the opportunity to travel with such amazing people. When you're traveling with others, sometimes it truly is the people that make or break your time abroad. I have been blessed with wonderful people to love to travel just as much I do.❤️

Have more questions about where we went, my travel budget, outfits or other recommendations while in Ireland? I'd love to chat! If you'd like to see some more photos you can check out my photo gallery or my Facebook page. Also if you have any tips or recommendations on where to travel to next, I'm all ears!

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