• Jen Gibbs

Ride the Wave

Sometimes life changes in the blink of an eye, other times it takes years to look back and see the monumental strides you've taken. It's like riding the waves. Sometimes you're thrown into rocky waters unexpectedly only to abruptly find your self on a lazy river.

I am aware my metaphors aren't so subtle for people who were (unfortunately for them, VERY fortunate for me) stuck with me on my boyfriend's family vacation. Pro-tip for anyone who ever goes white water rafting in their lives: please listen to every instruction carefully before hopping aboard the raft.

After a close encounter with a rocky water bed and a few seconds where I genuinely thought I would be visiting God a lot sooner than I expected due to waves that just didn't want to let me up to breathe, I was thankful for quick thinking and my raft mates (aka my boyfriends siblings). I somehow found enough oxygen to continue the adventure.

There are definitely life lessons that come with unforgettable experiences, but all I can think about is about is the timeframe it took for it all to happen.

One minute I was laughing and paddling the boat per our guides instructions while making dirty jokes with everyone. The next thing I knew I was in the water unable to resurface for what felt like eons. The boat was far away and all I could think about was the little steps (or swims) I needed to take to somehow hit a big enough rock or the side of the river bank. But then all of sudden within those little plans, I ended up beside the boat latched onto another rafters paddle being lifted into the raft. Once I sat down, my only option was to keep paddling to get through the rapids. What seemed like a quick three-seconds after I got onto the boat, we were stopped alongside the riverbank in crazy calm water.

To be completely honest, I could not tell you the actual amount time the entire scene lasted. There were times it felt like an hour, others merely milliseconds. This twisted time warp has been stuck in my head since. All I know after this experience, is that whether you like the wave you're on or not, you have to ride it and keeping pushing forward. If you're in fast rapids or crushing waves, please know that they will end sooner than you think. You may even get some amazing help from others along the way! If you're on the calm side of the storm, remember to enjoy even the smallest of life's amazing moments.

Ride the Wave You're On.

*Disclosure: I'm still not quite sure this experience scared me away from white water rafting + other fun adventures so if you know of any great places, I'd LOVE to hear your recommendations!

Also, don't let my little hiccup deter you from trying white water rafting. If you're in the Fort Collins/Estes Park/Loveland area you should check out where we went called Rocky Mountain Adventures. This was the exact path we took with class 3 and 4 rapids. (For those that aren't aware, rapids vary from class 1 being a lazy river to class 6 being Niagra Falls.)

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