• Jen Gibbs

Think Pink

When I was a little girl, I wanted to be considered a "tom boy" to everyone I met. I wanted to play all the sports with the guys (aka my brothers), make my dad proud by playing in the dirt, and I HATED the color pink. I needed everyone to think I wasn't a little baby and that I could handle everything for myself.

Boy, have things changed.

Now, I rarely get a chance to kick a ball around, I don't even remember the last time I had to do yardwork (even though I'm obsessed with planting), and lo-and-behold, pink has become my favorite color that I try to incorporate everywhere I possibly can. I guess that's the funny part of growing up. You can be whoever you actually want to be. There's no parents (or brothers) to pursuade you to play baseball instead of painting. You can spend time doing things you actually enjoy. You can even love colors you were told were too "girly" growing up.

The other day I saw somewhere (and I'm sorry that for the life of me, I cannot remember where) that the color "pink" stands for self confidence. It also symbolizes self love. How beautiful is that? My *new* favorite color is one that represents exactly how I've felt and what I've been actively working on these last couple months??? How amazing!

Growing into yourself, your likes, your hobbies, your friends, is an ongoing process. It will never be finished. That's part of growing and experiencing life. So for now, think pink. Everyone deserves to feel confident and loved for who they are. But if the next chapter of your life pushing you to go green or yell for yellow then so be it!

I want to know what YOUR favorite color is! Does it represent where you are right now in life? I would love to hear it all!!

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