• Jen Gibbs

Review: Winc Wine Service

Updated: Oct 1, 2019

*If you are interested in trying Winc, a wine subscription service for $27 off and free shipping, use my code jenrew24 at checkout!*

I was fortunate to receive the opportunity to try Winc for free through a company called Heartbeat. For those who haven't heard of Heartbeat, it's like a middle man for people with social media accounts and companies who want to promote their products and their brand. You fill out surveys and answer questions every now and then to have the company learn what products and brands best fit your lifestyle. If you've heard of Influenster, it's a similar concept (but not as time intensive, I think. There isn't any "snaps" to complete).

The delievery part was the worst part of the experience honestly. However, I am still trying to figure out if this is because of Winc or FedEx but I mostly think it's just because of my crazy work schedule. It took about 15 days to FINALLY get the wine because it's alcohol (obviously) and a 21 or older person has to sign for the package. In other words, they can't just drop it off like normal packages even if you're at work.

After not being able to meet the FedEx guy for a week, I tried to send the package to go after 5 but scheduling the package costs extra money (and I wasn't about spending money on a free package that I was receiving). I also tried sending it to the apartment office/clubhouse but that didn't work either. They needed a signature from someone specific to our apartment.

FINALLY I got the wine!

I had to run to the FedEx guy and I sounded like a complete alcoholic when I loudly explained that I was stalking him all day to try and get the wine I know he has off of his truck. Gotta make the parents proud, am I right?

I opened the box to find the four wines I knew I had been paired with off of Winc's service (I usually don't prefer red wine so for my option I chose to go with three white wines and one red wine):

2016 Les Bobos Grenache (Red) Retails: $14.00

2017 Summer Water Rosé​ (Rose) Retails: $18.00

2017 Pacificana Chardonnay (White) Retails: $14.00

2017 Cape Route Chenin Blanc (White) Retails: $13.00

I was given a complimentary service for $59 worth of wine, BUT the offers don't stop there. If you want to try Winc for yourself you can use my promo code jenrew24 at checkout for $22 off your first box of 4 bottles of wine, on top of the $5 first time buyer discount! Winc always provides free shipping so with $27 off your first purchase (about half off based on what wines you pick) there really isn't any risk involved. Click here to get your own wine picked special just for you.

The service itself is actually really neat. You can set it up to have Winc send you wine on a subscription basis (every month, every other month, etc.) or you can order it yourself whenever you are looking to try new wines. The only hard part I had with this service was trying to meet up with FedEx workers so I could sign for my package.

All and all, if you're an avid wine drinker, but also on a budget, Winc is for you. Their wines are reasonably priced and their subscription service is great. Once you run out of the four bottles you have received the month prior, they will send you four more (different) wines for the following month.

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