• Jen Gibbs

This Year Is Yours

It is back to school time and let me just say, it is WEIRD knowing I don't have to get ready for classes or drop four months worth of rent on books anymore. With some universities already starting classes, it's easy to get excited about what the school year has to offer. There is a huge reminder that I want to give to EVERYONE who's starting the new year.

Live this year for yourself.

Whether you're a freshman or you're on your last go-round as a fifth year senior (it's not a race!) college is meant to expand your own horizons and help with your own growth--that can only be done when you say YES to the things you love and NO to the things you hate.

As a freshman, it's easy to hang around the people you know from previous years, as a senior it's hard to get into the organizations you're passionate about. Every year brings along new challenges and opportunities, but to make the most of it, to look back and say "I lived my college years right" you have to make the decisions that are best for you.

It can be SO easy to get pulled into organizations, sororities, fraternities, church groups, and everything else throughout your years in college. You're looking for friends, to build your resume, and to make memories long after graduation. BUT! Remember to make those memories great ones. If you find yourself forcing to try and like the group you used to love, based on experience, DROP IT. Let it go and find something that's worth your time. You will only grow when you're willing to be challenged. Don't let yourself become stagnant.

On the other hand, it can be just as easy to shy away from the organizations that you are genuinely interested in but for whatever reason, you're talking yourself out of joining. Again, based on experience, JOIN THE GROUP. If there's a financial obligation that you're unsure you can commit to, talk to one of the leaders, they will almost ALWAYS help you out. It's better to try and know than to always think about it years down the road.

College brings many different opportunities to everyone who enters. Don't let others try and dictate your own experience. I promise you that the rest of your college years (no matter how many you have left!) will be great if you decide to make them great.

*If you're attending UNO this fall or are moving to the Omaha Metro area, I'd love to catch up! If you have any questions you can check out my previous blog post about how much I LOVED the school or shoot me an email if you're looking for recommendations on what to do in the city. I'm always super excited to talk and help in any way I can. Oh yeah, and #GoMavs!*

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