• Jen Gibbs

It's Time For Your Own Adventure

When was the last time you let yourself go on an adventure? Yesterday? Last month? A year ago? Why are you waiting so long for your next one?

It's easy to get wrapped up in your day to day responsibilities. Between work, classes, family, friends and everything else in between, it's easy to put traveling and exploring on the back burner. But I'm here to remind you: place new experiences on the top of your to-do list.

There are SO many ways to get your adventure fix and I'm here to help you set yourself up for the next. Whether it's out of the country, the next state over, or down the street. Seeing new places and meeting new people will help to reset both your body and mind, while continuing to help you grow in ways you never thought possible. So what's your next adventure?

Out of the country: These trips are always my favorites for the obvious reasons. Leaving your native country will ONLY make you realize how small your world really is. Meeting new people, wandering down unknown streets, and walking through different historic places will create a perspetive you could never have imagined.

I've traveled out of the country twice now and both times, flights and hotels were under $900 for a roundtrip. My group and I (there were seven of us) used Google flights to check out what the cheapest flights and where they were going. We flew to Paris, France for $400 and Dublin, Ireland for $630. Four our housing accomodations we stuck with the tride and true Air Bnb. If you aren't looking for a specific date and just looking to get away I highly recommend Sky Scanner. You can go anywhere at any time and it will give you the lowest prices. Also, for housing, if you're not lucky with Air Bnb, I've also used VRBO before and it's just as fantastic!

Within the U.S: It's easy to still be amazed by the wonders of the world, even if it's not a super long trip! I highly recommend on researching each state around you to see what state parks, national monuments, and local traditions you could have the possibility of seeing. Road trips are sometimes the best vacations. The entire trip is treasured and there's no timelines that you are required to follow. Stop when you see that sunflower field, or try your hardest to find that perfect ice cream cone.

If you're looking to hop across a couple of states try Southwest Airlines or Allegient Air. Both airlines host cheap, non-stop flights (if you look at the right time). They make it crazy easy to get away and try something new if you have a fairly flexible schedule.

Down the Street: If you find yourself with little time, but still want to get away there are PLENTY of adventures for you to go on within your area. I highly recommend Googling your state to see what things are near your current location. Trip Advisor can also help if you're looking for larger monuments or more travels.

Another trick I've learned for when I'm stuck near home is to check your Google or Apple maps. If you look up coffee shops, restaurants or shopping "near you" they will pull up everything within your vicinity. You may find local treasures without even having to try much!

Traveling brings much needed relaxation and a more true sense of what the world holds. Just because you see certain news stories, doesn't mean the entire world is evil. In fact, you'll learn that there is more love than hate. There's more focus on tradition and peace than destruction. But don't just take my word for it: it's time for you to go out and learn for yourself.

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