• Jen Gibbs

Review: Vibrant Sexy Hair

Again, I was fortunate to receive complimentary products to try from the app known as Heartbeat. I was sent shampoo, conditioner, and a rose elixir oil mist that can be sprayed in your hair from a salon called Sexy Hair.

Now, I waited awhile to write this review because I wanted to know how well the products ACTUALLY worked, not just what happened after one wash. So now that most of the bottles are nearing empty, I have a lot to say:

I'm in love with all of the products.

That's my honest, real-life opinion. I was really skeptical at first, and even though the first wash was amazing and worked wonders, I was worried about the next few washes. I have really thick, kinda long hair and I have a tough time finding shampoo and conditioner that works well consistently. I usually use one brand of shampoo/conditioner for about two weeks and then use a different one because my hair ends up looking greasy and filled with residue.

The light formula easily washes in and out during my wash, rinse, repeat cycle. To top it off I spray the hair and body (although I don't spray it on my body, just my hair) oil mist and my hair instantly smells like I just came from the salon AND looks AND feels like I did too!

I was given the rose and almond oil scent/formula and the smell is to die for. Like I said, the scent alone makes me feel as if I just stepped out of a high fashion hair salon. The fact that it looks like it too, adds to the magic.

This set from Sexy Hair has worked wonders for me and I can honestly say that a future purchase is soon to be in the works. If you want to try their products for yourself, take 15% off your entire order with code VIBRANTHEARTBEAT. (Tbh I highly recommend you at least TRY them, because I'm still blown away at how well they work.)

If you have tried their products before, I'd love to hear how they worked for you! Also, what are YOUR favorite hair brands and products? I'm always looking to try something new.

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