• Jen Gibbs

Lessons to Keep in Mind

So lately I haven't been curating a lot of new content (and I am very sorry for those who like to keep up with all of the blog posts). These last few weeks have been a little rough and have left very little time to stay up on some self-care let alone write consistent blog posts.

In the middle of September, my manager stepped away from the company leaving me (the assistant manager) all of the duties within our department. Over the last month or so, I have been consistently working 50+ hour weeks. Those weeks have been filled with playing catch up, learning all new skills I never knew I'd ever need, and trying to stay sane through every shift. (This has been the hardest part and I will be the first admit that I have failed many times and my positivity is dwindling rapidly.)

Through the sleepless nights, limited days off, and the constant pressure to just simply be better, to be the person that every. single. person. expects you to be, I've had to grow up faster than I thought possible. Let's not forget that I've been running an entire department at a large company and I just graduated in May... I already aware that I am extremely underqualified :)

Although these last few weeks haven't been easy, I can not begin to express how thankful I am for the experiences I've been given and the lessons I've learned (whether I have wanted to learn them or not). It's not always easy to see how far you've grown when you're focusing on the day to day but I hope that one day you'll look back and find yourself learning the lessons below and soooo many more.

Lessons I've learned to always keep in mind:

1.) People are always and forever going to wish you did things their way, but don't let this doubt your own abilities. This is extremely hard when you're dealing with MULTIPLE people but you've got this.

2.) No matter how much you plan, no matter how ready to try to get yourself, be ready for random changes that are going to cause you to start at square one. I've found that deep breathes and a quick cry session help.

3.) There are going to be people who can't control their own emotions, especially in the heat of the moment or when they find themselves in an uncomfortable situation. Learn when to let it go versus when to stand up for yourself. You aren't a doormat, but sometimes others just need to feel heard.

4.) Trust your gut. Trust it when making decisions, trust it when you're talking with others, trust it when you're learning to trust others. Your own intuition will far surpass any other's opinions.

5.) People WILL talk bad on you behind your back. Not of all it will need to be your business. It's not always easy to take but again, learn when to speak up and when to listen. Knowing what you need to work on is crucial for improvement and growth. Others need to vent and let out frustrations (sometimes this will include you and your rules/tactics), trusting in others to come to you when they have an issue isn't easy, but if it's not a big enough problem that they feel they need to talk to you about it then stay away. You'll only start drama that doesn't need to exist.

Remember that no one truly knows you. They understand the experiences you've gone through and your perception of events. Your decisions may or may not work out in the end, but keep in mind that you can be the leader that no one expects. Life will work out no matter what you choose. It will evolve with your decisions, so be confident with them.

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