• Jen Gibbs

2018: Year in Review

Every year I, among many others, set a word to help describe my upcoming year. Without consciously realizing it, my yearly word changed halfway through 2018.

At the end of 2017 I sat down and wrote out a lot of goals, dreams, and ideas I wanted to accomplish. I had specific criteria for everything I jotted down and I didn't want to give any leeway to have any of them fall short. Naturally, after this process I had found my word for 2018: intentional.

I was going to start my blog (which I did!), I was going to graduate with honors (which I did!), I was going to work on eating healthier and exercising (which I did!), I was going to travel out of the country (which I did!), I was going to grow in my faith (which I did!), and work on creating lasting relationships (which I did!). The first half of 2018 felt empowering. I was quickly achieving what I had wanted out of the year and it felt amazing.

But then something happened.

I lost my job.

My boyfriend moved to Colorado.

I was out of school with nothing to do.

My faith almost became nonexistent.

Relationships of both friends and family fell apart.

So really, MULTIPLE things happened.

Forcing myself to scramble to TRY and pick up the pieces only left me feeling more and more empty. I ended up getting a job and I hated what it did to my mental health. I had lost touch with my parents based on almost purely assumptions and I was trying to fill that void with the time-consuming job position. I hardly got to see my friends because of my random and demading work schedule and because I couldn't force myself to go to class anymore--there simply weren't any classes to go to after graduation.

All of this went on for most of the second half of the year. It wasn't until I was given a new boss at work where things started to fall back together. She (very nicely) forced me to only work 40 hours a week versus the 60+ hour ones I was used to. I was given more time to sleep and more time to think.

Long story short, by the end of December I felt happier. My parents and I are closer than ever (besides the fact I now live 10 hours away from them). I am now engaged and get to live with my absolute best friend in a beautiful city and a wonderful apartment. I'm continuing to work on my faith and grow with God. I may have lost some close friends, but I have gained so many others and the ones who truly understand are going to be with me on a HUGE day at the end of this year!

My new word for 2018: Resilient

Life will always and forever change your plans, throw you curve balls, and knock you off your feet but that's when it becomes time to really dig in and show your grit, your nerve, your resilience. It's up to YOU to create the life you love. It's up to YOU to prove to the world and yourself and that you're not giving up.

So here we are 2019. It's time to grow unapologetically.

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