• Jen Gibbs

Winter Engagement

As a recently engaged couple, Mark and I get asked pretty frequently how he popped the big question. And I'm finally here to answer.

November 17th will now hold a special place in our hearts. At the time, Mark and I were making our relationship work long-distance but I was visiting him in Colorado for a weekend getaway. Since we were long distance for nearly nine months, I had always wondered if he was going to propose each time we were together. It was something that we had talked about numerous times, but after so long I had given up thinking too much about it and focused my time on simply being with my best friend.

This time was no different. In fact, I genuinely believed that he was going to propose the next month or two while we were celebrating the holiday time with our family (personally, I'm glad we got to celebrate it before the holiday season and create our own special day).

Living in Loveland has it's perks, like only being 40 minutes away from Estes Park. A beautiful, sceanic area that takes your breath away as you're walking around in the mountains. I had only ever seen Estes Park in the summer time but was dying to see what it looked like with snow on the ground so I asked Mark if we could head up the mountain for a day trip which he quickly agreed to.

For those who don't know how they plow the mountain roads, the streets really weren't horrible driving up. The city does a good job of keeping the streets clear and safe. We drove (slowly) in a 1995 Toyota Camry and we were just fine.

After parking Mark and I wandered into Rock Cut Brewing. This was where Mark REALLY threw me off with the engagement. I had beaten him in Battleship (which I thought was odd because Mark is great at board games and competitive, I hardly ever win any against him...) and we were almost done with our beers. The look he gave me immediately made my heart sink because I thought something horrible had happened.

"Hey can we go back to that antique ring store? I need some more ideas for you."

Relieved that nothing serious had come up yet annoyed that Mark was needing MORE ideas about an engagement ring when he never listened to them anyway, I agreed and said we'll go once our drinks are gone.

We wondered down along the river in a couple inches of snow and all I can say was: It was beautiful.

The snow made it look like a Winter Wonderland. It was like every aesthically pleasing photo on Instagram or the perfect scene in a Christmas movie. We wondered down the sidewalk by the river and then up through the heart of the city, and then back down the river, and then back up. Mark looked at me and asked "Can we go to the game store with the large wall chess sets?" I looked at him now shivering from the cold because we had been walking for a bit and responded not-so-pleasantly:

"We were just down there, but yeah I guess."

So for the THIRD time we started walking down the street and he says, "Let's go on the other side, by the river." I was extremely confused, a little irritated, and getting colder as time went on. I sighed and agreed that yes for the third time today I will trudge through the snow just to walk down the same path that we have all day.

We passed a bridge with Christmas lights hanging and Mark insisted on taking a picture of me (again, weird because he hates it when I ask him to take pictures). I liked his enthusiasm though and stood still for a couple of pictures. As we continued to walk, both of us realized that there was no one around. It was wonderful, quiet, and picture perfect.

As we were nearing the board game store, he started to walk slower and I was, again, confused and agitated because he always gets annoyed when I walk slow. A weird grin spread across his face and I oh-so-romantically asked the question:

"Did you just fart?"

He broke into laughter, gave me a huge hug and said, "No, but you know I love you, right? I am going to love you forever."

Again, my romantic self said, "Oh yeah, sure you will."

He immidately dropped to one knee and actually took me by surprise when he said "No, I mean it. I am going to love you forever. Will you marry me?" And then immediately followed the nice gesture with "Oh shoot, I promise I have the ring somewhere, here, it's here in my coat pocket. I have it. Do you like it? I really like it, but I want you to like it."

He is mumbling most of this while digging the ring out of his pocket so I can't answer either question because he keeps talking and keeps digging for something that I can't even see yet. Once the ring is out, and he has finally shut up, I finally have the opportunity to answer YES to both of his questions.

And now here we are! Planning a wedding for *hopefully* December 14th, 2019. If you have any questions about our wedding planning process, venues, etc. please don't hesistate to ask! I'll also try to keep the blog updated as we start to get details finalized.

I want to say thank you to all of our friends and family for your support and love you've shown us. We truly are lucky that we will get to spend our most special day with you along with our future together! We love you all.

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