• Jen Gibbs

Home Sweet Home

It's been exactly one month and one day since taking a HUGE leap of faith, trusting in God (and Mark), and following my heart to the mountains. I've spent the last month learning how to put God's plan FIRST and trust in His timing and BOY has it paid off.

The last couple weeks have been all about getting our little 1,100 square foot 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom apartment to look like home. It's actually been harder than we thought because neither one of us had THAT much stuff so for awhile our apartment was empty. (And by empty I mean for a good two weeks, we placed our mattress on the floor of the living room and put our TV on two cardboard boxes.) It wasn't ideal but it was doable.

However, slowly but surely it's becoming a place to live, not just for us, but for our friends and family that have already reached out asking to come visit. FYI: If you ask us to come visit, the answer will ALWAYS be yes. I crafted my first big DIY (our kitchen table looks amazing now, pictures will be here soon), our living room has beautiful pops of color, yet is SUPER COMFORTABLE because, ya know, HGTV doesn't always include that factor in their shows, and our bedroom should be done by the time Target wants to actually deliver the items we bought... (we went from 2 day delivery to 2 weeks+ so we will see when everthing actually ends up on our doorstep).

The whole process has actually been great. Now if you know me, you know I HATE being bored. I have to be doing something and I feel antsy if that something takes too long. Without having a job, I was scared that the boredom would kick in. That I would lose my mind--but it's been the opposite. I've made new goals for the year, I've had the opportunity to grow closer to God, I have taken up short yoga sessions in the mornings, and I've started to make our apartment our Home Sweet Home.

To be completely honest, I don't know if I've been happier.

Growing up I was ecstatic about ice cream being my bedtime snack and this feeling is right up next to that joyful 5-year-old-self. It took not one, but multiple, leaps of faith.

First, I had to believe in Mark. That he would STILL love me even after being apart for so long and then being together ALL. THE. TIME. This was the easy leap. We know we love each other but it's still a big step for a realtionship.

I also had to believe in myself. I had to believe that I had saved up enough money. I had to believe that I could do this. I had to have faith in the fact that for one of the first times in my life, I was going to be really out of my element, away from my close friends and my parents. I had to have faith to push past the negative talk from others about "the mistake I was making" or the people who don't like my choice. Not only that, I had to push past my own negative self talk.

Lastly, I had to have faith in God. There are moments and decisions that you need to rely on the mentality of, "if it's meant to be, then it will." There are also other moments that you need to rely on the mentality of, "If you want it, go get it." For the longest time I was struggling between these two mindsets. Finally, I just made a choice. I decided to move. I prayed to God that if I was making the wrong choice, all He needed to do was show me, but He didn't and instead it's been smooth sailing the entire way. God has my back, just like He has yours.

Life is crazy. It takes you places you never thought you'd end up. My dream was to live on the beach and play in the ocean every day and now I'm joyfully walking and skiing through mountains whenever I please. But let life take you to where you need to go. You'll know what you're supposed to do and where you're supposed to be. You'll feel it in your gut, in your happiness, in your friends, in your soul. Don't give up to find that place. Don't give up finding your Home Sweet Home.

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