• Jen Gibbs

Welcome to the Family Guinness

If you haven't already heard the news or in case you haven't seen the adorable pictures, Mark and I are here to tell you we have officially adopted a 12 week old puppy. He's a complete mutt from South Dakota but they believe him to be a Shar Pei and Golden Retreiver mixed with a bunch of everything else. We adopted him through a program called LightShine Animal Rescue and we couldn't be more happy with how the entire process worked out.

He definitely is a stinker but he has already shown us just how smart he is. He knows sit and shake and he knows that he needs to go to the bathroom outside-although on the first official day of him being home, I was scared he wouldn't ever learn this because he hated the leash, the stairs, and the grass outside. He liked to only pee on the carpet which worried us to no end. BUT he has learned and we are relieved!

Not going to lie, we were not expecting to get a puppy. I didn't want to put in all the extra work, and since we travel a lot, have a wedding to plan, and SO MUCH MORE I wasn't super excited when Mark looked at me and said "I want him." The plan was to only LOOK at the cute adorable puppies at their foster home, NOT adopt one yet. But Mark was so excited and the puppy is a cutie. Since I was the one who had been bugging Mark for a pet, I felt like I just couldn't say no.

So alas, here we are with a pup named Guinness.

I do think we lucked out because he knows to not get up on the furniture (including the bed and the couch) and he knows the word no which helps with his teething process when he wants to try to eat anything. He knows where his "spots" are in the house and he knows to only chew and play with his toys that he was given. Guinness has a great personality and is great with other dogs. He listens when called and hardly barks-he even ignores squirrels (gotta work on those flying birds though). Let's just hope this behavior stays this way!

Guinness loves ALL the attention from anybody who will give it to him but also cherishes his alone time and naps for hours at a time if I'm working online or also taking a nap. Afterall, he does have me up at 5am every morning to play and go outside.

If you're looking for any tips or training tactics, I'd love to help or drop your own down in the comments below! I have worked with dogs, cats, fish, chinchillas, you name it but my knowledge has definitely been tested with a puppy of my own. However, both Mark and I are excited for this future and to add another adventure buddy to our pack as we travel around Colorado. Hope our friends and family don't mind!

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