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DIY: Farmhouse Table

Updated: Apr 7

I love to get my hands dirty and work hard to create a product that myself or someone else would love. Most of my gifts for my parents would be homemade earrings or painted candleholders (sorry about that mom and dad... I promise my DIY design skills have improved). I also love to save money, which is why I am doing more and more of my own projects.

As I had mentioned in a previous post, when Mark and I moved to Colorado we hardly had any furniture but with a wedding + honeymoon to pay for we haven't really wanted to spend much on household items. We've scoured Goodwill, ARC thrift stores, and walked the never-ending halls of IKEA to furnish our home.

During the first week of moving to Colorado, Mark's sister and I hit up a Goodwill just outside the Denver area. We noticed the Goodwill employees focusing on a set of a table of chairs that were marked at $30. I will admit, I was not amused at first glance. They were fumbling with screws and the set looked dated. I texted Mark and chatted with Abby about if we could fit it in our cars. Mark wanted the table and I also wanted to fill my day up with a craft. Abby and I decided that the table WOULD fit into her car (and later on we got it to fit into mine). The table was missing a screw and the Goodwill employee was extremely kind stating that he would immediately just take $10 off. A WHOLE TABLE AND CHAIRS SET FOR $20??

What You'll Need for the Project

Lowe's and Hobby Lobby were the two stores I needed after buying the table. I spoke with a man at Lowe's where I figured out everything I needed:

1.) Cabinet Paint

2.) Crown Liquid Deglosser

3.) Face Masks for when I used the Deglosser

4.) Gloves for when I used the Deglosser

5.) Sandpaper

6.) Whatever color stain I wanted (but I wasn't sure about this step yet.)

Now the bad part was, they were all out of the cabinet paint I was looking for which lead my antsy self to try paint I already had . Once I finished those two paint bottles I went to Hobby Lobby to pick up some more:

1.) Anita's Acrylic Craft Paint (the paint I already had, but to be honest, do NOT recommend for this kind of craft-please learn from me!) Instead: use the Cabinet Paint listed above!

2.) Carbon Gray Rust-Oleum Ultimate Wood Stain

I used just a couple of different kinds of brushes. Most of them I already had. I picked up a big brush at Hobby Lobby along with the paint, but the rest I did have. Here are some kits that are similar to the ones I have:

1.) White Nylon All Purpose Paint Brushes - 3 Piece Set

2.) Velvetouch Flat Shader Paint Brush

How To Craft The Table + Chairs

Starting with the chairs, I first used the liquid deglosser to clean off any areas that seemed troublesome. I then used sandpaper to make sure the surfaces were as flat and smooth as I could get them. After the surfaces were smooth, I used the deglosser once more to help ensure the paint would stick to the surface.

Then the fun part: painting.

I used the larger brush to create a "base" of the paint and used the smaller brush the hard to reach places--this table set had a LOT of those with all the fancy groves and edges. I didn't use a primer, but I think it would have helped tremendously. Instead (since I had the time), I layered on about 5-6 coats of the craft paint. The nice thing about this paint was that it dried SUPER FAST. I was able to paint the chairs and sit in them the same day without any issues.

The next day, I repeated the same process on the base and legs of the table. For the top, I deglossed several times and only sanded it ONE WAY to help make the stain look better. I hardly sanded the top and mainly focused on just deglossing the previous stain that had been painted on. I used the bigger brush for the entire top and coated the stain pretty heavily onto the table. Although I didn't use painter's tape, I believe it would have been good to have once I started painting the top of the table. There are a few spots that eventually I'd like to cover back up with white paint, but for now, it's fine and not noticeable to the outside eye.

Another note

I was not planning on this to be my "forever table" which is why I used such cheap paint. IF you decide to use Anita's or another kind of acrylic paint, you need to be aware that it is a WATER-BASE paint. This means that you need to be careful when you clean it otherwise you could scrub off the paint. Now that we have a puppy who likes to make all different kinds of messes I plan on heading back to Lowe's to pick up a clear paint to help conceal the furniture and keep it safe/clean. I do NOT recommend using this kind of paint for furniture items if you have messy animals or young kids unless you put a top concealer coat on it as well.

So what do ya think of the final product? Do you have any other tips you think I or others should know? Leave a comment below or shoot me a message!

*****Also, huge thank you to Mark's brother and sister-in-law: Matthew and Meagan for the IKEA gift card, Mark's sister Abby for pretty much giving us everything we could need for our kitchen way-back-when, his other siblings who naturally just donate their stuff to us, and to Mark's co-worker who not only gave us a dresser and nightstands, but also MOVED them for us. We are lucky to have people like you guys in our lives!*****

This post is no way sponsored by any of the companies mentioned above. The details, links, and products are what I TRULY used and are there for your benefit! :)

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