• Jen Gibbs

Reminiscing & Day Dreaming

It's that time of year. The time when winter feels like it's NEVER going to end and we are going to be stuck inside for warmth forever. Snow keeps coming and going and the temperatures never seem to pop above 30 degrees. Basically, it's the worst part of the entire year. To make it worse, social media has the ability to bring others beach vacations to your fingertips. You watch with agony about how you WISH you could step outside in just shorts and a tank-top layered over your favorite swimsuit. Even just jeans and a light jacket would suffice for now.

Even though Mark and I just moved to Colorado, I'm already finding myself ready for a new traveling adventure. After being able to travel over seas the past two years for spring break the realization is setting in that I won't be able to do that this year.

With a wedding to save for (and those things are EXPENSIVE) and a new puppy to take care of traveling seems more out of the question than ever before.

And my heart hurts.

Traveling, experiencing new cultures, and meeting new people are all things I constantly yearn for. I know there's beauty in loving where you are but being out of your element brings a new sense of life that you could never know. You're more daring, more focused, more you. You don't have to be who the people around already think you are when you're home.

Plus how can you NOT love coming back home and telling everyone of your crazy adventures? The night you drunkenly help someone with his car (Yes, Luke talking about you). Or when every time you passed by O'Reilly's pub you couldn't help but belt out "O, O, O Reillyyyyyy Auto Parts. YOOWWW." (Shout out to our Ireland crew).

As much as I love creating experiences of my own-I LOVE seeing other people's adventures, so please keep the social media posts coming!! It helps to have so many ideas for what the next trip is going to be and even learning more about where Mark and I should go on our honeymoon. Traveling is something everyone should take a part of. To learn that more exists outside of your hometown is a gift and shouldn't be taken for granted.

Do you have any exciting trips coming up? I'd love to hear them! Mark and I are also looking for more honeymoon ideas too so drop your recommendations in the comments! If you find yourself wanting to make your trip a little cheaper by adding another person, hit me up and I'll see what I can do to help out ;)

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