• Jen Gibbs

How I Spent Saint Paddys Day Weekend (And What You Should Do Next Year!)

As most of you already know, Saint Patrick's Day is my favorite holiday. It's usually a day filled with friends and family, the BEST dinner around (cornbeef & cabbage), all things green, and glasses full of Guinness are abundant. How can it NOT be the best day?!

Last year, a lot of friends and I spent Saint Patrick's Day in Dublin, Ireland--the BEST place you can spend the holiday. To read more about our wonderful trip to the land of green click here. I was a little sad because I thought this year wouldn't live up to the last but I was pleasantly surprised (and extremely excited) when a close friend said they were spending their spring break up in a cabin near the Fairplay/Breckenridge area and they wanted Mark and I to tag along when we could. So that's what we did!

Friday night everyone came into town and Mark and I showed them our favorite local restaurant (Santiagos) and our favorite brewery where all of the bartenders know our orders off the top of their heads (Grimm Brothers). Drinking + hammerslagan will NEVER get old.

The following morning we hit up the best restaurant in Fort Collins, The Waffle Lab. It's near Downtown/Old Town Fort Collins and once we saw all of the Saint Patrick's Day festivities we stayed longer than we expected. But who can really pass up green beer?

They headed to the largest liquor store in the world (DaveCo) and go to their cabin, while Mark and I went to pack up to follow them out to Breck later.

The cabin they had rented out on Airbnb was GORGEOUS. We got in late during the late evening and the sunset while driving through was mountains was even more beautiful than the cabin. It turned the mountains various shades of purples and pinks and the fresh fallen snow made it seem like it was Christmas time again. (Although, yes, I am very much ready for spring.)

With pizza and LOTS of drinks on the menu for Saturday night, we stayed in (kind of, we also spent a portion of the night sledding down the driveway) and explored around the place while also cleaning up my dogs messes. He *may* have had a couple accidents... but it's cleaned up and he enjoyed the large yard where he could run a bit after the 2 1/2 hour drive in.

Sunday morning after pretty much everyone failed to get a good nights sleep we got up, got showered and ready all while drinking irish cream, Jameson, Guinness, and jello shots. Sleep deprived, a little hungover, hungry but SO READY to have one of the best days ever, we finally left the cabin around noon-ish to head to the pub crawl in Breckenridge.

Since Mark had to work on Monday (and I needed ONE more day before I start my new job on Tuesday) we had to head home around 3 but we made it to three of the bars and loved every minute of it. Very thankful that Breck is small so that we could easily walk to all of the pubs without a coat. Even though the sun was out, when you're 10,000 up in the mountains after the city had a snowstorm less than a week ago, it's still cold.

Honestly, what I recommend for anyone looking to have a good time, whether it's next Saint Patrick's Day or a random weekend, get a nice but COMFORTABLE space that won't break the bank and invite the people you love most to be with you. It doesn't have to be fancy, you don't have to spend a lot of money on things or expensive restaurants. You're not making memories with THINGS, they'll go away fairly quickly. You're making memories with your friends, your family, your dog. You'll remember the belly laughs and fun games you guys played. That's what you'll remember more: the moments, the people, the fun.

How did YOU spend the Saint Patrick's Holiday Weekend? I'm starting to get ready for next year already so any ideas are appreciated. Leave a comment below or shoot me an email!

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