• Jen Gibbs

A Little Life Update From Colorado

Updated: May 7, 2019

The past couple months have been full of changes. Mark and I's engagement (and wedding planning), moving to a place where we hardly know anyone, adopting a puppy, and starting a new job-- it's been a crazy last couple months!

With the start of a new month and nearly a whole year of blogging (April 15th was my first blog launch WHAT?! Take a peek at my first blog post!) I thought it was time for a little life update for those who care (Hi, mom.) However, YES, I know my life isn't all that interesting but it sure is worth living, at least for me ;)

So as I said, Mark and I got engaged in November. If you haven't already heard how he popped the infamous questions, check it out! We've been working on wedding planning and with the church, reception venue, photographer and more all locked in, we're starting to work more on the details. This part isn't as much fun as I thought it would be (who knew there were so many colors of DARK GREEN), but still precious and worth celebrating with my best friend nonetheless. Be sure to stay updated by keeping with my Winter Wedding Blog tab.

Sometime in late January we adopted a mutt from a rescue here in Colorado. Although he is CUTE he can still be an annoying puppy. Our apartment deposit has disappeared because he decided to hop his enclosure AND escape from his kennel. His frustrations of being left alone ended in a scratched up front door and a gaping hole in our carpet by our bedroom door. However, he's getting much better. A consistent routine, lots of treats, and numerous trips to the dog park is helping more than I could've ever thought. If you're looking for other training tricks for a hyperactive puppy, here are some tips that worked for us!

After many months of job hunting, interviewing, and "working at home" (aka just writing on my blog and watching Pretty Little Liars all the way through) I finally landed at a great event rental company in Fort Collins. I work full-time with great people where I get to learn new things nearly every day. Bring on all the celebratory drinks! If you're looking to learn more about my new workplace, click here.

Blog-wise, be on the lookout for some new content coming soon! I've been updating the available free prints for you and I'm looking to change things up even more for you guys. If you have any ideas or suggestions I WOULD LOVE TO HEAR THEM! I want to make content that you guys care about and enjoy! Pleaseeee shoot me an email, drop a message, or call me out on social media on things you'd like to see. Want to see more fashion? Work-outs? Recipes? Home decor? Sports media? Traveling tips? Netflix suggestions? TELL ME YOUR THOUGHTS. Plz and thanks to all of you.

As you can tell, Mark and I's lives have been up and down but the love for each other, and the love from others makes it all easier. (Thank you mom for listening to me cry after Guinness destroyed our apartment.) Thank you to everyone who has come along on our journey and thank you to those who continue to follow along!

So tell me, how's YOUR life going? What are your own major life updates? I would love to hear all about them.

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