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2020 Goals & Intentions

Updated: Apr 13

Marienplatz from St. Peter's Tower, Munich, Germany

The New Year is getting underway and let me just say, I am LOVING seeing people carry-out their new year resolutions. I know that, yes, every day is a chance to change your life but there's something about the New Year (and 2020 bringing on a new decade!) that just makes goal-setting feel different. This year, my 2020 Goals and Intentions look just a little peculiar compared to years past.

Although the media likes to bog us down with negativity, I have SO enjoyed seeing others rise up. I've loved seeing people post their gym workouts, and I've noticed that some people have cut down on social media, while others are out hustling their booties off to bring in a second income. While still others are planning out their vacations (can I please recommend Germany for you?). It's so amazing watching others go out and conquer what they've set out to do. January is a great month for the sole purpose that everything is new. It's fresh. It's new beginnings and positive thoughts.

This year was one of the first years in a long time where I didn't explicitly write down a lot of goals. I've set intentions and I definitely have added some things to a list to help myself continue to work on my mental health but for 2020, I'm letting life be up in the air and letting the reigns loosen a bit.

Making my way downtown. Walking fast.

I know that I am a try-hard. I set goals and I work hard to crush them (as quickly as possible because I have very little patience). If I don't reach my goals, I tend to beat myself up and cause myself high-stress levels that in-turn create high anxiety. This year I took a little hint from a good friend of mine, and I'm trying to tackle this whole "meekness" mindset. (But for real, go read this.)

Similar to my friend, I've been go, go, go for YEARS! In 7th grade, I started to master the craft of being active from 5:30 am-midnight (give or take some hours here and there). In college, I would BOAST about how I wouldn't eat all day because I was out of the house at 7:00 am and didn't get a chance to go home, or even grab lunch until I had accomplished everything I needed to do, even if that meant staying out studying until 1 am. (And yes, I really WOULD study so long that the night security guards would come around and double-check all of our student IDs.)

After graduation, I was granted the opportunity to work at my dream company and I absolutely loved my job, but the hours could be crazy. And I thrived. The lack of sleep and food and constant work was what I knew and what I felt comfortable with.

Once we moved to Colorado, life slowed a little but wedding planning kept me busy enough. With working over 40 hours, a puppy who liked to destroy things, a blog that I wanted to keep growing, and a wedding that needed to be planned, I was still going, going, going. I occasionally would complain about the extra work, but deep down, I knew I wouldn't, no, I couldn't have it any other way.

Although I already know there are a few changes up ahead on the horizon, this year I'm focusing on relaxing. For the first time in a long time, I want the ability to sit down and not worry about everything that I SHOULD be doing. Everyone needs rest and there are many forms of it.

Rest doesn't always mean, sleep. It could mean shutting your mind off while watching your favorite tv show or reading a book. You can process your thoughts and emotions while taking a bubble bath or walking in the woods. Rest is necessary and it's something I never actually learned. So this year, this decade is learning to listen to my body because I can't keep going, and going, and going. It's about taking a step back, doing what I love to do, enjoying the cup of coffee in front of me, and fully appreciating those around me.

Every year I try to go into the year with goals, or at the very least, a word. A word that I want to implement into the daily habits, thoughts, and actions I have. If you couldn't already tell from the theme of this post, my word for 2020 is calm.

I don't need to be doing something constantly. I don't need to react to people's hate. I don't need to be anxious about what the future holds. For the first time in a long time, I can feel the true love from everyone in my life. Calmness, rest, relaxation don't come easy for me, but that's why it's time to start focusing on them.


What are your 2020 goals? Do you also start every year with a word to help carry you through the next 12 months? What is this years word for you and why? I'd love to hear all about what you already have planned for the upcoming year (and decade)! Leave a comment below or shoot me an email! I always love chatting with you guys!


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