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24 Life Lessons I've Learned in 24 Years

Updated: Jul 1


I have an extra post for you this week because today I am celebrating another trip around the sun. It was long and to be honest, it wasn't very pretty most of the time but I am HERE and I'm so excited to make this year the best year yet! It feels good to be where I am now - back in Omaha in a beautiful apartment with an amazing husband and loving pup. Who is healthy now for all of those who are wondering!

Twenty-three taught me so many lessons and was probably one of the hardest yet most beautiful years for growth. I'm learning so much every day to become the woman God (and myself!) wants me to be. Here is a list of 24 life lessons I've learned in my 24 years on Earth. Although, I feel like I could on forever because I have amazing friends, family, and mentors who help me learn in a safe and stimulating way.

1.) Your thoughts can change the world.

Positive thoughts and affirmations will lead to beautiful words and actions.

2.) Friends come and go, and that's okay.

There's a reason for everyone in your life at certain times. Enjoy who is with you in the moment.

3.) Faith is and will always be the most personal part of YOU.

What you believe is only FOR YOU. You don't need to please others or follow arbitrary rules to know what's in your heart.

4.) It's so important to sing, shout, and dance alone and with those you love.

Learn to be comfortable on your own but know that most liberating feelings are always sweeter with loved ones.

5.) More people look up to you than you think.

Are you setting a good example? What are you saying to yourself? What are you saying to others? Posting to social media? You're a leader in so many ways, make sure it's for what you want to be remembered for.

6.) No one wishes they had spent more time on social media, so watch your consumption.

Trust me, your followers can wait.

7.) Set boundaries for yourself and others.

Timelines are important. Self-care is important. Friends and family are important. But you can't have too much of one and less of the others. Find your own balance.

8.) Get your finances in order and budget properly. But don't forget, life is short - buy that extra shirt YOU LOVE.

Understanding and comprehending your money situation will leave you feeling fantastic, trust me.

9.) Know you're not alone, ever. You have more people in your corner than you can imagine.

Life can feel lonely at times and that is normal (you aren't weird). If you need anything, please know that I'm always here to talk.

10.) A human being very rarely drinks "too much water," keep hydrating.

Your skin, digestive system, and brain will thank you.

11.) Create a space you love. Make sure you're including your home, your bedroom, and your body on that list.

You deserve to feel safe, comfortable, cozy, and even cute! Take care of your place and your body. You deserve it.

12.) Realize that everything is temporary.

So enjoy the good while it lasts and push through the bad because nothing lasts forever.

13.) Smiling and deep breathing can solve more than you think.

Sometimes silence is key. Other times, a smile and hug are just as important.

14.) Make sure you MOVE your body. We are not meant to be stationary beings.

It doesn't have to be a lot, but love knowing what your body is still capable of doing! Love it for what it does, NOT what it looks like. Protip: Long walks outside tend to help clear anxious brains.

15.) Work hard and full of passion but remember it's important to take a break.

It's important to grind through some days but others, it's necessary to sleep and move a little slower. Listen to what your body is telling you and you will know when to do what.

16.) Photographs are beautiful frozen memories, take a lot of them.

People change but pictures don't. Enjoy what was, what is, and what will be by taking all different kinds of photos of yourself and those around you.

17.) Flowers should always be on your grocery list.

Extra blooms can't do anything but help your mood, right? Your home deserves some extra oxygen flow.

18.) Love unconditionally.

Love everyone. No strings attached. This includes those people you don't want to actually think about.

19.) No one can make you feel better except for you.

There are many people that are willing to help you, but only YOU have the capability of reaching out and being honest. Your daily habits make up most of your thoughts.

20.) You are the sum of the top five people you're around, watch who, how long, and why certain people are in your circle.

Popular quote: "If you can't change the people you're around, change the people you're around." Be proud of who has made the cut.

21.) Saying sorry and forgiving is a necessity, even if the conversation stays in your heart.

Not every situation needs a verbal confirmation, but EVERY situation does need forgiveness. Forgive, love, and be there for them in the future. See #18 if you have questions.

22.) Make sure you have a tool kit around your home.

You will be surprised at how much you may actually use it. Especially if you shop at IKEA.

23.) Learn to try new things and fail. Learn to try new things and succeed.

You won't be great at everything right off the bat. Don't get discouraged. Good things take time. If you love it, keep going. ON THE FLIPSIDE, even if you find you're really good at something you don't have to pursue that option if it doesn't make you happy. Follow your passions.

24.) Understand that everyone has their own journey, just focus on what path YOU are following. Everything else will fall into place.

There are VERY few things you can control, but your thoughts and actions are the top two things you CAN control. Everyone is living their life how they think is best, you don't have to agree. You have to live how you feel is right. Know that this is where altercations can arise but communicate effectively or see #20 for more insight.


I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who has entered my life. I know this feels broad and may even come off as a little "fake" to some. However, truthfully, I would not be the same person without those who have crossed into my path and the experiences I've been given. I'm genuinely excited about what the future holds and to add so much more to this list in upcoming birthday years! ;)

Have you learned any important life lessons over the last year that you now hold close to your heart? Do you have any ideas on how to celebrate birthdays while in quarantine? I would love to hear from you! Leave a comment below or shoot me an email at jen.m.rew@gmail.com.

Have a great weekend!

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