• Jen Gibbs

Ceremony + Reception Tips

Wedding planning is... tedious and fun and exciting and long and confusing and expensive and monumental and lovely all at once. There are so many details you can't overlook. Everyone needs to be comfortable so there is *minimal* complaining the day of and to create the hope that only one fire will break out. Many moving parts make for a busy day, and the pressure to "have the best day of your life" weighs heavy in the back of my mind.

Planning such a big day is fun don't get me wrong. It's exciting to create the build-up of what's to come. After all, all of our closest family and friends will be together to celebrate all of our future's together. We get to dress up, drink, laugh our butts off and celebrate just being together. Which is something I'm really looking forward to with the small amount of homesickness that has decided to settle in.

The hardest part I've found for MY wedding (so far), is to get the parishes on board. If you're deciding to have a religious wedding in a church (both Mark and I are Catholic) there are so many rules that you need to abide by. The big one being: You need to be a parishioner to get married in their church and NO you can't become a parishioner within the same year of your wedding. You have had to have BEEN a parishioner to get married there. Since we're getting married fairly young, this rule gave us two options: we can have the wedding in Lincoln or Council Bluffs (our hometowns).

Currently, the plan is to have the ceremony at my childhood parish. However, it has been hard to get a hold of them to set up the necessary meetings and overall approval. For those who are looking to get married in the Catholic church, be aware that you will need to undergo classes or retreats before you are officially married in the church. Each parish does it differently and the classes vary a little by diocese and state. Make sure you get everything in order with the church before you set anything else in stone. (This is why our date is still tentative.)

The other items fall into place pretty naturally. Photographers, event space for the reception, and everything else are usually pretty easy to work with. Most of the time, you'll get straightforward yes or no answers, generally easy-to-understand contracts to sign and submit, and any questions or concerns you bring up, they are almost always willing to work with you and accomodate you the best they can.

Wedding planning can be a little stressful if you let it be. Throughout your planning, try your best to breathe, smile, and be kind. After working and creating dream wedding at my previous job, the people who work weddings usually get the bear the brunt of any issues yet rarely get to hear any nice words said about the event as a whole. So be a little gentle as they try their hardest to make your dream wedding come true. They are also stressed and worried! I promise that their main goal isn't to make sure your wedding day goes horrible.

Have any tips, tricks, or recommendations for wedding planning? I'm still pretty early into the process and would love to hear anything to make the day even more fun and special! Drop a comment below or shoot me an email. My inbox is always open.

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