• Jen Gibbs

Choose The Little Moments

Updated: Feb 27

It has been well over a month since I've sat down to write. To say life has been busy (and difficult) is an understatement. However, learning to choose the little moments has made the last month a little more bearable. Mark and I have been in full-on wedding planning mode. Not to mention all of the twists and turns we've been maneuvering these last couple of weeks. Here are just ~some~ of the events that have occurred within the last month.

1.) We started and finished our Catholic marriage prep. It doesn't sound difficult, but the online classes were expensive and time-consuming.

2.) Halloween came and went. We were able to dress up for one night but didn't get a chance to carve our annual pumpkins... very sad day.

3.) I got promoted! (And acquired a heavier workload, but honestly, don't know if I'd want it any other way.)

4.) We lost an amazing woman. Mark's grandma unexpectedly passed away early in the morning on November 1st, and we miss her every day.

5.) We got most of our wedding day items coordinated and paid for. We are only a month out now!

6.) Guinness has stepped up on his training and listens ALMOST every time we call him with or without a treat.

7.) Mark is looking to transfer departments! He loves his company but is looking to grow his skills — more details on that to come.

8.) Apparently, Colorado is in for the wettest/most "humid" winter they've had in years, so we've already seen LOTS of snowfall here.

Every day has been a new challenge. My anxiety has hit peak levels for different reasons at random times. We are both exhausted but so dang excited for the near future. We know rest is right around the corner. We know that things can only get better. For that, we are incredibly thankful.

During this busy season in our lives, I have neglected my own a little too much. I've failed to take care of both my physical and mental health the past couple of weeks, hence the long wait for a new post. However, it's time to get back on track. It's time for healthier foods, more exercise, and more of what I love to do (like writing!)

Learn from MY mistake. Don't put yourself last. Don't put your health on the backburner. We are all human. We slip up, make mistakes. We forget to shower. We forget to eat. We forget to sleep. But try to notice when you find yourself "forgetting" the important parts of living, and adjust accordingly.

Something we all often forget is that ONE little, simple choice (conscious or subconscious) can completely change where your life goes. Your path is constantly being altered by the little decisions you make. So make sure those little decisions are leading you to the life you crave.

Don't know what you want?

That's chill. Then pick the choices that not only will make you joyful, but that challenge you tremendously. Growth doesn't come from comfort zones. Most times, the things that will you the happiest are also the hardest. Don't choose comfort over true happiness. You'll regret it.

The holiday season is right around the corner, and we often spend this time of year worried about others.

Did I get the right gift? Am I spending enough time with family? I need to do all of the holiday things with every single person I've ever met, and I'm quickly becoming broke and worn-out.


Choose the little moments. Pay attention to the little decisions so you can enjoy the holiday season as much as possible. Be comfortable with being uncomfortable. Heck, be comfortable with making others uncomfortable every now and then. You CAN start living the life you want. You just have to do it. You have to start looking for those little areas that can change the trajectory of where you're going.

You've got this.


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