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Earth Day Is Right Around The Corner - Celebrate While At Home

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Earth Day is right around the corner (April 22nd), as in two days... what the heck happened to the month of April? Where did it go?? This unprecedented time has us creating new habits, new routines, and exploring new hobbies. As Mark and I have been at home nearly all day every day with only a couple of essential exclusions, I've noticed how some of OUR habits have changed, including us throwing away a ton of stuff CONSTANTLY.

Trust me, I KNOW this won't be on the top of everybody's list, but Earth Day is always a great reminder to take a step back and look at our everyday habits and how we're helping (or hurting) the environment we live in. Our little actions can make a huge difference, ESPECIALLY now while everyone is stuck at home and we're starting to create a new normal. So if you're looking for some extra ways to go (and even SAVE some) green, I've rounded up some products and activities to help you and your family/household celebrate Earth Day this year, even while we're all social distancing or quarantining.


If you're looking for things to do to fill some time, these activities aren't JUST for Earth Day. These activities would be fun year-round (especially if you're trying to keep your kids busy). Try one or two a week and see the environment around you change before your eyes!

Pick Up Trash

Picking up trash has been a go-to for years, but that's because so many people haven't figured out how to not litter. Picking up trash will help keep animals safe as well as making the area you're in look inviting and clean. A good goal to try? Pick up at least 10 items of trash in your neighborhood.

Make Your Own Dryer Sheets

Dryer sheets help our laundry smell great, but they can wreak havoc within our environment. A fun activity to try is making your own! Plus, YOU get to pick the smells and what they look like. Learn how to make your own eco-friendly dryer sheets here and let me know how it goes! If you like the idea of going green but don't want to put in the effort, you can purchase dryer balls here.

Plant A Tree (Or Any Type Of Plant)

Earth Day was one of my favorite days in elementary school because every year the ENTIRE school would get some sort of plant to bury and grow. Sometimes it was a tulip, other times a tree. We would either plant it in the schoolyard or we would get a chance to take it home (they picked certain grades to plant at school so there wasn't an abundance of plants). They may have seen as free landscaping work, but we saw it as an opportunity to help make our school look great and save the environment in the process. There are plenty of places to pick up some plants or have them delivered to you! One of my favorite plant stores is Mulhalls.

Research Some Organizations Who Are Working On Making Our World A Better Place And Donate $5 (Or More) To One Of Your Choice

You don't have to donate much to do good in the world. Every DOLLAR you put towards helping make our Earth a better place helps. Maybe have your kids pick a favorite charity. Do they want to focus on ocean conservation? Planting trees for better air? Or maybe even taking care of animals and the environment they live in. Truthfully, you can never go wrong with donating to credible sources.

Try Eating Your Favorite PLANTS For The Day (Fruits, Veggies, Etc.)

You don't have to go meat-free carnivore. Just make sure you're adding in your absolute favorite fruits, veggies, and more! This is just to help you remember and realize that the Earth gives us some delicious food options.

Create Your Own Household Cleaners

Some DIY household cleaners are SO EASY to make. Others, not so much. BUT making your own cleaning mixtures will let you know EXACTLY what you're cleaning your house with. Again, this can be a fun activity for kids! Let them pick out their favorite scents and shake the bottles around when finished. Here's a fun and easy mixture to try.

I do want to note: MOST homemade cleaners ARE NOT disinfectants. With the world we are living in now and if you're worried about getting sick, I still recommend disinfecting frequently touched areas. Although these do contain "chemicals" they will kill germs - not just clean your stovetop. DIY cleaners are great for tough, sticky spots but not always for killing germs.

Fun Craft For Kids: Use Anything That COULD Be Considered "Trash" And Have Them Make A Piece Of Art (But Please Don't ACTUALLY Dig Through The Trash...)

Pleaseeeee don't have your kids dig through the trash (unless you really want them to). Having kids clean their room, your living room, etc. and pick up loose items that may typcially end up in the trash or recycling bin. This can include old school assignments, pens that don't work, plastic water bottles and so much more. See if they can make art out of the "trash!"


As most of us are aware, our plastic problem is out of control. Our oceans are full of it, there's trash constantly on the ground, and our landfills/dumps are overflowing with plastic containers. These products can help eliminate the need for single-use products and pretty simple to add to most lifestyles.

Natural Environmental Protection Teeth Whitening Bamboo Handle Soft Toothbrush

Makeup Eraser PINK The Original MakeUp Eraser Makeup Remover Cloth Pink

Reusable Makeup Remover Pads, 16 Packs Organic Bamboo Cotton Pads Washable Facial Cleansing Cloths for Face/Eye Clean

Tide Eco-Box Original HE, Liquid Laundry Detergent, 105 Fl Oz 96 loads

Soap Dispenser Reactive Glaze Sour Cream - Hearth & Hand with Magnolia, Gray

6 PACK SET 4 piece Long Stainless Steel Metal Straw of 10.5 Drinking Straw Reusable Straw Rainbow Straw Set Wedding or Party Straw

Grove Collaborative Reusable Bag Essentials Set

Farberware 5-pc. Bamboo Utensil Set, Natural

Member's Mark 24-Piece Glass Food Storage Set

Biodegradable Trash Bags 5 gallon, 100 count, Extra Thick 1.5 MIL Small Kitchen Trash Bag Compostable Bags Recycling Garbage Bags For Kitchen Bathroom Yard Office Car

All of these products are working towards helping to reduce plastic waste. Most can be integrated easily AND will help you save money in the long run. Go green, right?


Celebrating Earth Day is a fun way to spend the day and celebrate how great our planet actually is. It's also a good way to focus on something else while self-distancing during this time. How do you normally celebrate Earth Day? Are you planning on planting any trees or flowers this year? Are there any other great products I missed that you would like me to add to the list? I'm all ears! Leave a comment below or send me a message at jen.m.rew@gmail.com (one day I will change it to reflect my last name, today is just not that day!) I love hearing from you all. I hope you're staying safe and healthy!

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