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Favorite Home Decor & Furniture Pieces For Spring - An Inside Look of My Home and My Wishlist

Updated: Apr 13

Happy February! It's the month of love and to celebrate, I wanted to share some items I've been loving. In a couple of weeks, that strange "in-between" spring and summer transition time will be here and I don't know about you, but I always have a hard time decorating my home for it.

I LOVE holidays because I buy a lot of themed home decor and I love keeping Mark and I's apartment fun and relaxed. My whole goal? To spruce up the place with little accents without making the space look cluttered. Often times, if our apartment DOES look cluttered, it's because I have left 5 pairs of shoes out in the living room and Mark and I have both been too lazy to put dishes away.


Once the late winter/early spring holidays are over (usually by the end of April), our place ends up looking boring and almost empty. Soooo I have rounded up some of my favorite items that have helped (or will help) me to build a neutral base but also keep an upbeat, personal, and fun vibe around our home. Let me know in the comments which one is your favorite!

Living Room

TV Stand/Shelving Unit

This TV stand is perfect for doubling as storage and a centerpiece for your living room. Add cute cubes and fun photos + decorations to really make it your own.

Light Green Fabric Storage Cubes

These storage cubes are perfect for holding video game cases, blankets, and other odds and ends that are used regularly in your household. Target has a bunch of different patterns which makes it easy to play with colors in your living room.

Southport Patio Egg Chair

This egg chair has been on my wishlist since last year. If I don't happen to find something similar at a garage sale this summer, I may just bite the bullet. It's the perfect addition to any space!

Artificial Exotic Tree

I LOVE adding greenery around the home. However, Guinness does too. He has a tendency to knock the plants over and play in the dirt. This plastic plant is perfect the look I'm going for and with no real dirt for Guinness to play in, it's a win-win.

Picture Frame

My current obsession? Printing out Mark and I's wedding photos! This frame doubles as a 5x7 and 8x10. You can also hang it or prop it up, similar to what I have done. You can't go wrong either way.

Dining Room

Seat Cushions

These cushions really helped provide comfort on some hard kitchen chairs. I love the color because I've been able to use them year-round!


This neutral tablecloth is one I would LOVE to add to our dining room. The neutral look can be used for many different looks throughout the seasons. The tassels are a fun touch too!

Charcuterie Board

Cheeseboards are one of my new favorite things. This board has everything you need to make the perfect charcuterie board for your next Bachelor viewing party, am I right?!

Flower Vases

As much as I LOVE having real flowers around, the price isn't always easy to swallow. Fake flowers have come to look so REAL over the years that they're easily the better/cheaper options. Once I get my vases back from our wedding (family lives in Iowa, we live in Colorado - it's a struggle) I really want to fill them with fake flowers to bring color into our place.

Bar Cart

Our bar cart is one of my FAVORITE things in our dining room area. I spruce it up for the seasons and it's a hit for guests. It makes it easy for them to grab whatever they want so we can partyyyyy.


Lemon Tea Towels - Perfect for Spring and Summer!

Tea towels are SUCH a fun and easy way to change your kitchen throughout the seasons. These lemon towels are perfect for spring and summer. I place towels on my stove and fridge handles to bring color to the whole space.

Spoon Holder

This spoon holder is a classic. Can Joanna Gaines do anything wrong? Grab yours from Target today (if you already haven't.)

Reclaimed Wood Floating Shelves

Reclaimed, natural wood shelving is something I've been looking into for a while. These shelves are exactly what I've been looking for so the kitchen may be getting an update soon!

Mr. Coffee Steam Espresso and Cappuccino Maker

One of the best wedding gifts we got? This espresso and cappuccino maker. I've been having a blast making my own coffee shop style drinks. Pretty soon we're going to get some special syrups so we can make everything Starbucks can!

Magnolia Table by Joanna Gaines

A kitchen isn't complete without a cookbook. Joanna Gaines does it again with her recipes! I also really LOVE the list she provides at the beginning. It includes all of the items she constantly keeps on hand for whatever she's in the mood to make.


Bath Towels

These towels are SUPER soft and I personally love the color. We have a lot of color in our bathroom with a bright blue shower curtain and wall decor so this really evens out the space.

Bathroom Accessory Set

This bathroom set is BEAUTIFUL. Keep everything fresh and clean in your bathroom with the marbled pattern. (Also, huge props for the bamboo toothbrushes in this stock image, save the environment and get your own! I've been using these ones and I love them.)

Wire Baskets

These baskets are great for the bathroom! Use them to stack towels, soaps, make-up, you name it! They're lightweight and keep the space from looking too crowded.

Shower Curtain

I've been looking for a new shower curtain to revamp our bathroom look and I think I may have just found it! How beautiful is this greenery look?! Keep your space bright and fresh in the upcoming months by adding more green to your space.


I think EVERY bathroom needs a candle. Sometimes crap happens! I love a good Walmart candle (and so does my wallet!) This one has been a favorite scent over the last few months but I'm about ready to swap it out for something more spring scented. Does anyone have any recommendations?


Vanity Stool

I currently have the vanity stool/ottoman picture below and LOVE it. I bought it last year on sale for under $40. I've been thinking about making an upgrade and I can't decide between the green (can you guess my favorite color?) or the pink! Which one is your favorite?

Soft, Fuzzy Rug

We initially got this rug to help cover up the huge hole in our carpet, but we've since moved it to my side of the bed because it's so soft and my feet truly appreciate it when I wake up in the morning! It also doubles as Guinness's bed so you know it's comfy.

Full-Length Leaning Mirror

I've had my go ol' $5 Target mirror for years now. It's lasted several moves (and several falls from me trying to maneuver it) and as good as it's treated me, it's about time for me to make an upgrade so that Mark and I can see our WHOLE bodies when we try on outfits. This mirror is high on the list!

Bedding Set

Another wedding gift favorite was this new bedding set Mark and I received. I love the boho look and how you can make it modern, rustic, or whatever you like! Not to mention the fact that it's insanely comfortable.

Throw Blanket

I'm always, always, ALWAYS on the lookout for new soft blankets. Our apartment is FULL of them! I've been looking for soft handwoven ones but I've read a lot of reviews about how they come apart easily. These blankets are a close second for sure! They have the handwoven look on one side and the other is a completely soft side.


I'm sure as spring season starts to fully hit stores, my home decor wishlist will only grow. I love making a small apartment feel like home! What are your favorite trends or pieces you have in your home? I'd love to see! Drop a photo in the comments below or shoot me an email at jen.m.rew@gmail.com. I love hearing from everyone! :)

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