• Jen Gibbs

Fun & Cute Date Ideas We All Need In Our Lives

Valentine's Day is right. around. the. corner. I cannot believe how fast this year is already going! Time flies when you're having fun, right? I've never been SUPER into Valentine's Day BUT I do love decorating our apartment in pinks and reds as well as changing over Guinness's bandana color. Ya know what I do love celebrating? Me and Mark's dating anniversary which just happens to fall the day BEFORE Valentine's Day.

Ever since our first Valentine's Day together we have celebrated our dating anniversary by going out on the town while Valentine's Day is a night where we cook a new recipe (or old, let's face it pasta is our favorite meal). One night we get all dressed up and the other night we throw on sweatpants and eat our weight in carbs. It's a good, healthy balance and a tradition we love!

If you're looking for the perfect date night idea take one from us! I've compiled a list of fun date ideas we love or we are excited to try.

Fun Date Night Ideas

1.) Build a fort and watch a throwback movie (You can never go wrong with a Disney classic)!

2.) Find a new recipe either from a cookbook you've never opened or one you randomly found on Pinterest and cook together. Be ready for a fun mess!

3.) Dress up and head up out to a delicious restaurant - notice I didn't say FANCY. Sometimes half the fun is being all dolled up at your favorite place. A go-to of ours is Cane's Chicken.

4.) Throw a photoshoot with the two of you (and pets)! These photos are not meant to be blasted on social media, they're made for the two of you to create memories. Plus Polaroids are always fun to hold onto!

5.) Go camping! Depending on where you live, this may be harder (colder) or you may just have to cuddle more. But there's something about being alone in nature that creates a romantic scene.

6.) Play a white elephant game with just the two of you. Fun gag gifts or gifts that make you automatically think of your partner or spouse are always fun to open and fun for the other one to receive!

7.) Create a "Date Jar." Although mine is outdated now since we moved to Colorado, two years ago I painted popsicle sticks and wrote restaurants, parks, activities, etc. on them. When we can't decide what to do for date night we would pick a stick!

8.) Although it may sound cliche, heading to the movie theater is a great way to get out of the house but still have a low-key date. We love movies and they are just better in the theater.

9.) Go see a local play! We LOVED doing this in Omaha, especially since we had a couple of friends star in the musicals. It's something different and it works for broadway buffs like us.

10.) Take a walk. Again, another corny one but walking helps produce endorphins and it gives you guys a chance to actually talk with little distractions. We love catching up about our day while taking our pup for a walk.

11.) Stay in for a craft night! From painting to coloring, to everything in between crafting is a great way to have a fun, inexpensive date night. You can make it competitive and have a craft off.

12.) Throw yourselves a dance party. Line up each of your favorite jams on Spotify and dance it out.

13.) Volunteer! Share your love for each other with the world by volunteering at a local homeless shelter, humane society, or church.

14.) Roadtrip! If you have the time, take the weekend and just GO. Go somewhere new and travel. You can never go wrong with getting out of your comfort zone, trying new foods, and meeting new people.

15.) Do your research and make a list of all of the free stuff near you. From museums to parks you may be surprised at how much your city actually has to offer! Free dates are always the best dates anyway.

16.) Movie day all day in bed. Each of you should pick your top 4 or 5 movies and switch off playing your movie. These dates are always the best for hungover Sundays.

17.) Set up a beer/wine tasting. This is one of our FAVORITE things. We go to the liquor store and buy a bunch of random stuff we have never tried. We then bring it home to taste test. It always ends up being a fun time. You can also go to wineries/breweries too!


Did I miss any other good date ideas? I'd love to hear how you and your special someone spends date night! Leave a comment below or shoot me an email at jen.m.rew@gmail.com. I may not be a huge fan of Valentine's Day but I love, LOVE so tell me allllll of your best date ideas!


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