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Your Go-To Summer Bucket List

Updated: Mar 24

Attempting to say peace to allergy season and HELLO to summer!

Although many students have been out of school for some time, the first day of summer is finally here! Too often, it seems like most of us (students AND people trying to adult) just let the warm summer days and beautiful nights pass us by. We are so caught up in work, or online classes, or just sleeping that we forget life is passing us by. It's not always easy to find the time to enjoy these next couple of months but remember this life is short so live it while you can!

Here is your compiled your go-to summer bucket list. From little "treat yourself days" to exploring on a vacation - let me know how far you get on the list! I'm looking forward to hearing (and seeing!) about all of your summer shenanigans!

Beautiful Pink Peony

Summer Shenanigans List:

1.) Sit and enjoy a drink at a new coffee shop

2.) Visit the animal shelter (Maybe bring home a new friend?)

3.) Make yourself a bath - Fancy it up a bit, by using bath bombs or placing food/flowers in the water

4.) Take a hike

5.) Hop in your car and just drive while playing your favorite songs and singing at the top of your lungs

6.) Buy a new plant - or 5

7.) Volunteer at a local charity that means a lot to you. If you don't know of one, do your research to find one or better yet, print off a list of names and throw a dart at it to have fate choose for you.

8.) Smile at a stranger

9.) Strike up a conversation with a stranger. Try and walk away with three things you didn't know before.

10.) Pet a puppy

11.) Book that dream vacation. Even if you don't go this summer, book it now and start saving up money for things to do when you do go.

12.) Have a picnic with your best friends

13.) Go to a farmer's market to buy your produce

14.) Support a street performer

15.) Go to a concert (outside if possible)

16.) Hit up a local restaurant you've never been to before

17.) Ask a stranger what makes them smile

18.) Take lotssss of long walks at sunrise and sunset

19.) Take a road trip with your best friends

20.) Rent out a hotel room for a night, watch your favorite movies, hit the hot tub, order all the room service your heart desires

21.) Go camping - REAL camping, not glamping

22.) Read a book or two

23.) Try making a recipe you've never made before (hit up YouTube or Pinterest for inspiration)

24.) Make your favorite summer drink

25.) Spend EXTRA time with your friends - Seriously. Make more time for them even if it's at weird hours of the day.

26.) Pick some fruit - a Midwest favorite is mulberries!

27.) Grab your favorite wine, pick out some random cheese, and get the girls together for a night!

28.) Buy yourself flowers!

29.) And those shoes, you've been eyeing ;)

30.) Swing on the playground like you did when you were little

31.) Spend a day at the pool

32.) And the beach if you're close

33.) HAVE FUN!

This summer, just like today, and every moment only comes once. So make the most of it! You will never regret spending time with your friends and family. Sometimes we have to force ourselves to break out of our work bubble or to get off of the couch and step away from our beloved Netflix but I promise it's worth it.

Happy Summer Y'all!


Did I forget one of your favorite summer activities? Let me know in the comments below or shoot me an email at jen.m.rew@gmail.com. If you knock any of the items off of the summer bucket list, I'd love to see! Don't be afraid to tag me on social media (@jen_rew) or use the hashtag: #TheSummerShenanigansList

Can't wait to see all of your adventures over the next couple of months!

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