• Jen Gibbs

Have Fun at Home: Your Guide For The Ultimate Staycation

It's no surprise that more and more states are starting to close back down due to COVID hot spots throughout our country. As we all continue to quarantine, social-distance, or even self-isolate (again) it can be hard to stay sane. You CAN have fun at home. Here's your guide for the ultimate staycation:

1. Give Yourself And Your BFF A FULL Spa Day

Don't forget to include at-home manicures/pedicures, warm bubble baths, facemasks, essential oils, candles, hair masks, and soft robes. I promise you won't regret it. Spa days are all about relaxing so don't forget to enjoy your time and keep your phone away or off while you're enjoying yourself.

2. Pitch A Tent

You can throw up a tent in your living room, backyard, or an actual campsite and enjoy yourself no matter where you are. It's always fun to see where your imagination will take you as soon as you bring out a tent, pillows, and blankets.

3. Picnic in the Park (or Your Backyard)

Pack up your favorite blanket, some simple plates, your favorite wine, and the charcuterie board of your dreams. Picnics are easy ways to enjoy yourself while keeping you and others safe. Don't forget to bring your Polaroid or film camera to capture all of the fun memories!

4. Hit The Trails For A Good Hike

Hiking is always a great and easy way to step into nature and away from everyday life. Try to activate all five senses while you're walking (but please don't eat any poisonous berries...). Involving all of your senses will help you take in each moment for what it is. Inhale and exhale deep breaths to really get your blood flowing.

5. Create Your Own Film Festival

Set up your living room or even backyard with fun movie decorations that hint at the upcoming movies you're going to watch. The best part of the day? You don't have to watch any movies you don't already love!

6. Host, And Compete, In Your Own Cooking Or Baking Show

Find some recipes you've been dying to try and film yourself trying to cook or bake them. You can yell at yourself like Hell's Kitchen or take it easy like The Great British Baking Show. Whichever you decide, I would LOVE to see those videos.

7. Enjoy Take-Out (Or Even Date Night Out) To Its Fullest

We don't get to fully enjoy being out and about anymore so if you do decide to go out for date night or pick up take-out and head back home, milk it for everything it is! Enjoy your company or your significant other's company, or even your friend's company, because we don't get to have much of it anymore.

8. At-Home Wine And Painting

Get some paint-by-numbers or blank canvas along with some acrylic paint and a bottle of wine and you are SET for a fun, creative night. I would love to see your designs once you've finished!

9. Start Your Own Company And Create Your Own Flights of Beer, Wine, Liquor, or Juice

Although we might miss our favorite restaurants, breweries, or distilleries, we can still enjoy our favorite drink of choice in fun flights. Head to your local Goodwill to stock up on some mini glasses, and then head to the grocery store!

10. Create Your Own Themed Party At Home

Bring your dream vacation to you! From Paris to Hawaii, stock up on some dollar items at the Dollar Tree or Target and give yourself a fun, themed vacation! Where are you looking to head to next?

11. Take A Bikeride Downtown

There's no better feeling than biking through your city. Most cities have bike riding options (but make sure to bring your own Clorox wipes!) if you don't have a bike of your own. If you have your own bike, save the rental fee and instead get an ice cream cone from a local business the next time you take a break.

12. Learn Something New

So often we tell others (or ourselves) that we would love to try something new if we had the time. During your staycation, you HAVE the time! Try learning that instrument you begged your mom for when you were in fifth grade, or get a soccer ball and kick it around. Try running or painting, or starting a business. Learning something new is something we should ALL strive for throughout our lives.

13. Support Local

As the pandemic continues on, we should keep in mind all of the businesses that are struggling and all of those who have lost their jobs during all of this uncertainty. During your staycation, try keeping it as local as possible to help your community and create a unique experience for yourself.

Staycations don't have to be boring! In fact, you can personalize them however you wish to get the best experience possible. Whether you like filling your schedule with comfort places and activities you already love or you're dying for something new and out of the ordinary, the power is entirely in your hands. My question to you is, what will you do during your staycation?


Are you looking at hosting your own staycation this year or are you still looking at traveling somewhere special? This a no-judgment zone and I would love to hear your thoughts! Are you adding any other activities to your staycation? I would love to hear! Comment below or shoot me an email at jen.m.rew@gmail.com. I love hearing from you!