• Jen Gibbs

It's Time To Speak and It's Time For Change

Updated: Jul 1

For those who follow me in my daily life on social media, my blog, or even through simple texts and calls, many of you have noticed that I've been silent for the past couple of weeks. I've been listening, I've been learning, and I've been actively silent to give those who need to be heard a chance to speak their frustrations about systemic racism. These past couple of weeks have been loud in some of the best ways possible and I know it's time for so many others to shine.

I don't believe in bragging about all of the ways people choose to show their solidarity. I've been doing my own thing to stay quiet but become the best ally I possibly can. I've been showing support in the background, but now as social media feeds start fading out #BlackLivesMatter and the news outlets focus their attention back on the pandemic at hand, it's time for myself and others like me to speak up and continue the conversation.

There have been numerous changes already from the protests, donations, signatures on petitions and more but I want to remind you that we aren't done. Systemic racism is still alive and well; it's up to us, every single person apart of this movement, to continue pushing this conversation forward. We need to tackle the movement from the inside out. Instead of focusing on just cops, let's focus on changing the laws. The ones everyone (including the police) have to follow and justice is then served for those who break those laws.

We've got a long road ahead and we're just getting started, but I'm excited to see where the future generations take us. I'm looking forward to every single person, changing the world in some way or another. Remember, the world needs you. We need you.

I've included some large petitions to sign if you haven't already:

Justice for George Floyd



Justice for Breonna Taylor

Disbarment of George E. Barnhill

Pass Georgia Hate Crime Bill

You can view more petitions to sign here.

If you live in the Omaha Metro area make sure you check out and support these amazing black-owned restaurants. If you're not in the area I encourage you to seek out amazing restaurants, shops, and more black-owned businesses near you and SHARE THEM so the world can learn about them!

Mixins Rolled Ice Cream

Dripped + Drapped

A Taste of New Orleans

Big Momma's Kitchen

Okra African Grill

Krab Kingz

Ruby's Place

Time Out Foods

Black Bottom Biscotti

The Cooler Sno-Balls

Still Poppin Gourmet Popcorn


I recognize and understand that it's not anyone else's job to teach me how to be a better ally. That being said, I want you to know that I am here for you whenever. you need it. I can't always promise perfection, but I can promise you authenticity, protection, and safety. I want the events that are going in our world today to spark constructive dialogue, not shaming, fear or hurt. The truth is, we ALL just want to be heard, we are ALL looking for ways to live on this earth so let's talk about it. What are you, personally truly needing in times like these? How are you processing the actions taking place around the world? I am alllllll for discussion, but hate has no place on any of my platforms. If you would like to talk privately I'm always available at jen.m.rew@gmail.com or if you want to hear other's thoughts, feelings, and opinions, please comment below! As I said, pure hatred is not allowed here and will be deleted.

#BlackLivesMatter #BLM #NoJusticeNoPeace