• Jen Gibbs

Random Acts of Kindness Ideas

Fun Fact: Your world doesn't have to be a cold, dark, hate-filled place. I know we are bombarded with horrible headlines and bad news on a daily basis, but some great advice I've recently heard is to create your own headlines. Although it IS important to remain up to date on current events, don't let the negativity of the world bring you down.

Instead, write your own beautiful headlines with random acts of kindness! I've rounded up some cult classics, and some of my personal favorite random acts of kindness ideas to help bring abundant positivity into not only your life but others lives you will meet along the way.

  1. If someone pops up in your mind, message them! Everyone loves knowing how much others care for them.

  2. Leave a card or post-it note with words of encouragement while you're out in public. You never know whose day you might make or life you might save.

  3. Pay for the person behind you. Start the train! Sometimes these trains last all day and impact more than just the people behind you.

  4. Leave a bouquet of flowers on someone's porch (strangers or a loved one works). A nice note is encouraged but sometimes anonymity is the fun part!

  5. Wave at a stranger! With most of us wearing masks now, it's hard to show a smile, but everyone can see a wave and an excited "Hello!"

  6. Drop some garden foods or herbs off at a local food bank. Many times they're hurting for fresh foods and if you have had a blooming garden, they will gladly take food off of your hands.

  7. Bake some delicious goodies and take them to friends and family.

  8. De-clutter your home and drop off the items you no longer want at your local thrift store or Goodwill.

  9. Shop local! If you're looking for presents or even some items for yourself, support a small business. Many are hurting during these times. (Check out my Instagram highlights for amazing Omaha and Fort Collins businesses!)

  10. Give out compliments as much as you can. Like their shirt? Say it. Like their hairstyle? Say it. Compliments are free and the benefits are priceless.

  11. If you're religious, send up little prayers. Pray for the large family at the grocery store. Pray for the ambulance carrying a sick passenger. Pray for those you haven't met yet. Just pray.

  12. Grab some birdseed and feed ducks at your local lake. Bonus points if you give some food to someone else to spread the joy around. :)

  13. Let someone in front of you while you're driving in traffic. Be polite, let them into your lane because you never know how long it could take them to eventually cut someone else off.

  14. Create a care package(s) and drop them off at your choosing: a nursing home, a hospital, your friend's home, your mom's workplace. The possibilities are endless.

  15. Spend some time to just truly listen to someone. This works for a stranger or a friend. You will learn something new either way!

  16. Volunteer your time to an organization you love.

  17. Don't complain for an entire day. This is way more difficult than it sounds, but just WATCH what happens around you!

  18. If you see litter while out in public, pick it up and throw it away.

  19. Hide money while out in public for someone else to find. This can be loose change, small bills, or large quantities if you're really feeling generous!

  20. Tip your servers at least 25%. Or save up some money to donate a larger chunk of money to them. You're directly helping someone else in one of the easiest ways possible.

To be honest, random acts of kindness lists could go on forever. There's ALWAYS a way to help others around you whether they are close loved ones or absolute, complete strangers. Random Acts of Kindness also help YOU and YOUR MINDSET so if you've been struggling with anxious or depressed thoughts, helping others may help (even just a little bit). With everything going on in the world, it's important for us to remain positive and kind to others and to ourselves.

What ~beautiful~ headlines will you create in your life?


What are some of your favorite Random Acts of Kindness? How do you show others you love and care about them? If you would like me to add to the list above, leave a comment below or shoot me an email at jen.m.rew@gmail.com. I would love to hear about how you show kindness to those around you.

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