• Jen Gibbs

Easy(ish) Ways to Help You Relax

Updated: Mar 24

Spring Flowers

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You've heard time and time again that it is so easy to get caught up in a constant "go" state of mind. That it's hard to find that perfect work/life balance (if that's even a thing in the first place). We have learned to become bored within less then two minutes due to our TV's, laptops and cell phones.

It seems like every day becomes harder and harder to be able to take any kind of break. Relaxation seems almost laughable throughout the endless weeks but I'm here to remind you just how IMPORTANT it is.

Without relaxation and taking care of YOU, you miss opportunities to be truly helpful for others at your job, with your friendships, and families. If you don't remember, you need to show some love to the one who needs it most.

Get it, Get it, Get it

Check out some huge things that help me relax when I need a break:

1.) Meditation

As corny as this sounds, I always see a huge difference when I get the chance to just be. It's not always easy to just sit still, but listening to your body and what it truly needs is a life saver-literally. Listen to what YOU need.

2.) Take a bath

Put down the phone, light a candle, put on your version of the perfect playlist and just focus on how the water feels. You can use this as your meditation time too!

3.) Turn on your fav TV show and binge for a little bit

I read an article not too long ago that says people who re-watch their favorite shows are happier than those who don't. Carve out some time to mindlessly watch your show and get lost in it.

4.) Read

When was the last time you actually READ A BOOK?! Crazy concept, right? But seriously. Check and see if your favorite author from growing up wrote anything new, or re-read a grade school favorite.

Wanna know my go-to books?

You Are A Badass - Jennifer Sincero

The Book Thief - Markus Zusak

Inkheart - Corneila Funke

The Harry Potter Series - J.K. Rowling (I've read all of these tooooo many times!)

5.) Journal

Writing isn't for everyone. Although I love it, even sometimes it can be hard for ME to force myself to get the juices flowing. Try answering questions instead. There are some books and even free online versions to help you jot your thoughts down onto paper.

6.) Head to the Salon

Boy or girl, getting a fresh new cut, massage, nails, etc. can feel liberating and calming all at once. Book yourself an appointment and thank me later.

7.) Call your Friends

If you have true friends, they will listen to you when you vent, they will vent to you to let you help. Friends listen no matter how intense the conversation gets. Even if you're not going through difficult times (but really, who isn't?) call your friends for a good laugh and catch up with someone's life other than your own.

8.) Take a walk

Put your phone on silent or just throw your headphones on to blast your favorite playlist and soak up where you are. Breathe deep breaths and truly look around. Don't just see but understand what you are seeing. The world becomes bigger and smaller at the same time.

9.) Plant!

There are so many plants in the world to choose from depending on how much sunlight your home gets or how often you typically tend to water. Bring some plants in to help with oxygen flow and bring pops of color.

10.) Look at Beautiful Things

A lot of times, we forget to look at things we love. From flowers, to mountains, to friends, to Pinterest boards--We ignore their beauty! So stop ignoring and start enjoying.

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