• Jen Gibbs

Skincare Tips For Any Season

After years of trying different products and different routines, I have finally found the perfect routine that helps keep my skin healthy and glowing no matter what time of year it may be. Although I do make minor tweaks between the summer and winter months, the core routine stays the same, and the consistency is one of the most important parts. I've included my own skincare routine in hopes that it can help you as well as other simple skincare tips for any season!

I do want to preface this entire post with the reminder that everyone is different and this includes their skin type! What works well for me may not work at all for you and vice versa. These products and tips have helped me over the years, but your skin may need more or less of what I do.

My Every Day Skincare Routine

I have created both a morning and nighttime routine to help my skin glow. Both routines only take about 5-10 minutes (depending on how stubborn my makeup is and how easy it wants to come off).

My Simple Morning Routine:

My Quick and Easy Nighttime Routine:

If you're interested, you can try the Clear Start products before buying all full-size products in the kit that I love! I've been using these products since the start of the year and they have done wonders for my skin. Highly recommend!

Dermalogica Clearly Matte Clear Start Kit

General Skincare Tips

Drink WATER!

You've heard it 1,000 times before but it really does help keep my skin looking glowy.

Eat/Drink A Balanced Diet I really notice a difference in my skin if I start to eat out more or eat a lot of foods with trans fats or sugar. Even alcohol plays a major factor with my skin. I try to keep it fairly balanced to help keep random pimples from popping up all over.

Take Your Vitamins

They don't have to be anything fancy. I just take Vitamin C and a Women's Multivitamin (both gummies) every day. They taste good, help me stay healthy, and help my skin to clear up.

Wash Your Face Before You Fall Asleep

We all know we SHOULD do it, but some nights are just harder than others to follow through. However, I ALWAYS notice a considerable difference in my skin the morning after if I don't wash it off and then I'm struggling with pimples for a week after. Just wash your face, it only takes a couple of minutes.

Be Consistent!

A new product (typically) won't give you direct results overnight. Wait at least a week but a month is preferable to see how your skin reacts. The exception to this is if the product REALLY isn't working and is making you breakout worse or makes your skin burn. Give yourself, your skin, and your skincare products some time to work properly.

Not only does your product take time to work, but creating a consistent routine whether that's at night, in the morning or both, will help your skin get used to the product and create a balance between the two. Make sure you're using the products as instructed as well as creating a routine that works for you!

Exercising/Sweating Can Help Clear Your Pores

This is the reason I hate wearing makeup when I workout. However, some days just can't be helped. Sweating can help naturally clean your pores, but don't forget to finish cleaning your face when you hop into the shower after your workout!

Don't Forget the SPF

This is something I struggle with. I used to use a moisturizer with an SPF and I loved it! I ran out and just haven't gotten another one (yet). Although I'm not outside as much as I was at the beginning of the summer, SPF is always a good protectant to have on your skin. My favorite is ClearStart's SPF 30 Moisturizer, but what's yours?!

Skin can be a hard topic to talk about for some. Not every product works for every skin type, that's why there's so many! Find products and routine that works well for you and your skin needs. You don't have to use all of the products your favorite influencers rave about (most of the time those products don't work for my skin AT ALL). You should use products that your skin naturally reacts well to and don't be afraid to go to a dermatologist for extra help and guidance. They will be able to give you a better understanding of your skin type and what products pair best with it.


What are some of your favorite/must-have skincare products? Do you normally stick to drugstore brands or do you use other products that are more customized to your skin? Skincare is a journey we are all traveling on because our skin can change so often. I would love to hear about your skincare journey and what has helped you feel beautiful! Leave a comment below or shoot me an email at jen.m.rew@gmail.com. I look forward to hearing from you soon!

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