• Jen Gibbs

Spring Time Essentials For When You Have to Stay Home

Updated: Jul 1

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With warmer weather, hopefully, on the horizon, it's time to start enjoying it! We celebrated the first day of Spring March 19, and now it's time to fully take advantage of the longer days as well as the warmer weather. The beginning of spring looks a little different this year than years past, but that doesn't mean you can't enjoy the changing of the seasons. Stock up on all of the spring essentials - while supplies last ;)

1.) Allergy Medicine

Zyrtec, Claritin, and Allegra are all good go-to's! When my allergies get really bad, I also include an acid reducer (it helps with the other kinds of antihistamines) as well as use a Netipot to help clear my sinuses. My routine has worked WONDERS on my seasonal allergies.

2.) Lightweight Sweaters

As much as we all love living in pajamas, it can be a real mood booster when you actually get dressed for the day. Step up your wardrobe but keep up with the weather by adding a few lightweight sweaters to your closet. Bright pastels and warm neutrals are always easy to pair in the spring and summer seasons.

3.) Comfy Sweatshirts + Sweatshirt Sets

To go with your sweaters, don't forget to add big comfy sets to your wardrobe. One of my favorite looks right now is tie-dye. I may just tie-die my own shirts during this quarantine. These are like P.J.'s but cuter.

4.) Umbrella

April showers bring May flowers. Don't be left out in the rain this season. Grab a cute, yet functional umbrella to help get you from A to B (or to the mailbox and back) without getting you drenched.

5.) Decorative Lights

Add brightness to your balcony, patio, or backyard this season! It may be a bit until we can throw friendly get-togethers again, BUT enjoy your own space. Creating a cozy atmosphere will help lift your spirits throughout the coming weeks.

6.) Sunscreen

Taking walks in the sun will help you receive your vitamin D, but those sun rays can also damage your skin. Don't forget to lather up on SPF before taking a walk or laying out in the sun. Your skin and face will thank you!

7.) Rain Jacket

If you're still trying to enjoy the outdoors or take your pups on walks, adding a raincoat to your line-up is a necessity for springtime. I love my black-colored rain jacket but I'm thinking of adding a pop of color here soon!

8.) Outdoor Flower Pots

Adding flower pots outside (or even inside!) can freshen up any space. You can use them the traditional way or think outside of the box by using large pots as storage or other decorative pieces.

9.) Grilling Kit

Spring and summer mean GRILLING! Although we might have to hold off on backyard barbecues for the times being, the best foods seem to always come directly from the grill so make sure your cooking utensils can handle it! Cook for yourself now and be ready for company later.

10.) Rain Boots

Splash in all of the puddles (and match your adorable new rain jacket) with rain boots! Your inner child will thank you.

11.) New Candles

I have been burning through candles QUICK while being at home. I need to stock up soon and I'm excited for some new and fresh scents. (I'm still burning some yummy pumpkin scents, but I think it's about time to switch!) What is YOUR favorite scent that is, or should be, a candle?

12.) SOAP

Soap is so incredibly important right now. Washing your hands frequently is always the way to go. Wash your hands with your favorite scent and once that smell wears off, it's time to wash your hands again. ;) My favorite is Mrs. Meyer's soap because it helps keep my hands soft, not dry.

13.) Iced Drink Mixes

We can't go out to our favorite spots nearly as much anymore. BUT bring your favorite drink obsession home to you! My current favorite is iced Matcha tea. What's your go-to iced drink?

14.) Sunglasses

When the sun does to try to peek out, keep your eyes protected in style! I love myself a good cat-eye but I'm also loving the retro looks lately!

15.) Bird Feeder/Feed

Bring nature to you! Make or buy a bird feeder and see how many birds make their way to your balcony or backyard. You may even catch a few squirrels with the feeders if you're lucky!

16.) Garden/Flower Seeds

Fill your new outdoor flower pots up with flowers or food! If you're lucky enough to have a yard, dig out a small area to create a garden. Starting digging early, but plant your seeds mid-to-late April so nothing freezes/dies too early in the year.


What are some of your spring essentials/go-to's that you have for every spring? Anything that I need to add to the list? How are you celebrating the changing of seasons during this weird time? Drop a comment below or shoot me an email at jen.m.rew@gmail.com. I would love to hear from you!

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