• Jen Gibbs

The Story Behind the Ring

Updated: May 15, 2019

Honestly, the engagement ring Mark picked out for me, wasn't what I was expecting when he first pulled it out of his coat pocket. Like most girls my age I have a whole Pinterest board full of wedding ideas and engagement rings. I had pins on pins of large (unrealistic) vintage rings but Mark and I hardly ever talked it in person. All he would mention was how much he hates diamonds, so I knew the center stone wasn't going to be clear and sparkly from the get go, but I wasn't expecting the beautiful stone within the ring when he proposed.

When Mark had actually gotten the ring, he wasn't so sly about keeping it secret. (Although he truly did through me for a loop the day he propsed, if you haven't heard of the funny story check it out!) He knew it didn't look like anything I was thinking about (he stalks my Pinterest for birthday and Christmas ideas, so he saw the engagement ring board). Mark told me he was worried I would hate it and even mentioned he had ordered the return policy package JUST IN CASE I ended up truly hating it.

But once he told me how and why he picked it out, there was no way I could ever think about returning it.

The ring itself is from Dublin, Ireland. Mark would set up Skype dates at weird hours with a man named Peter to help create a ring from scratch. They landed on a BEAUTIFUL final product.

The ring is a traditional Irish claddagh ring with a gorgeous emerald front and center with diamonds wrapping around it that sit on top of a white gold band. The claddagh ring has its own wonderful story behind it:"The story goes back some 300 years to the tiny fishing villlage of the same name on the edge of the City of Tribes. It concerns a certain Richard Joyce, a silversmith from Galway. While on his way to the West Indies around 1675 he was captured and sold to slavery. The Moorish goldsmith who bought him taught him his craft. After 14 years in captivity, he was released and returned to Galway where his true love awaited him. While he was enslaved he fashioned what we now know as the Claddagh Ring especially for her. The heart symbolizes love, the hand’s friendship and the crown loyalty." (Via The Irish Store)

Mark and I have traveled several places together and Ireland was our favorite. One day we plan on going back and exploring more the beautiful green fields. Hence the ring coming directly from Ireland. Not only that but growing up, my grandma (who is VERY, VERY Irish) was my best friend-practically a third parent. I gained my love for shamrocks and all things green from her. Mark never got the chance to meet her since she passed away in 2013, but he knows how much she still means to me and helps me remember her everyday.

So although my engagement may not look like anything on my Pinterest. It's definitely NOT a ring that's following any trends but honestly, Mark could not have picked out a more perfect ring to fit not only MY story but OUR story and where we are going in the future.

Here's to the future!

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