• Jen Gibbs

SURPRISE! We're Back in Homaha

Updated: Mar 24

Omaha Truly is Our Homaha

We’re baaaack!

I apologize for the day late post, we've been just a TAD busy this past couple of days. We've MOVED!! Mark and I have decided to uproot our lives... AGAIN!

It’s been coming for a couple of months, but our big move finally happened over this weekend. Mark, Guinness, and I are “home.” When Mark got transferred for his job (again), we were ecstatic that he could join the team he wanted back in Omaha near our close family and friends. He will be joining the water wastewater team at Olsson and I will be figuring out where my career path is taking me, but I’m not worried. I have a few ideas up my sleeve.

Although our moving experience has overall been a tough one, it’s been so much easier to be back in a familiar place with friendly faces and lots of helpful hands.

We’re looking forward to playing catch-up, hitting up all of our favorite restaurants, and showing Guinness around his new city. I think he’s glad to be somewhere stationary without a ton of moving boxes everywhere (and us worrying about every little thing).

We’re living in a new part of the Omaha area (Papillion/La Vista to be exact) and we’re already loving the area. We’ve still found adventure, it just might look a little different than tall mountains!

I'm keeping this post short and sweet - mostly because I still cannot find my laptop charger in our large mess of a place, but also because more details will be coming soon. Mark, Guinness and I are SO EXCITED about what's to come. If you're in the Omaha/Papillion/Ralston/La Vista area SHOOT ME A MESSAGE! I'd love to grab a coffee or lunch and catch up with you.

Stay tuned for what's to come next! :)

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