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The BEST Food + Drinks Near Me

Updated: Mar 24

Mark and I absolutely love trying new places for food and drinks (almost to a fault, we should probably start cooking at home more). BUT sometimes going out is just better (and easier) then trying a new recipe at home. Check out some of our favorite places in the Northern Colorado region!


Waffle Lab

Our favorite restaurant EVER! They have syrup infused waffles that you can make sweet or savory. Easily a family favorite for adults AND kids. (We've already tested this theory...)


This place has some of the best smothered-burritos you can ask for. Their sauce is always fresh and some days it tastes different than others because of the fresh ingredients available. 10/10 highly recommend. BUT just a heads up, they are closed on Sundays, so get your fill in before then.

Fat Shack

The place to go when you're craving an unhealthy dinner or snack. They pretty much deep fry EVERYTHING. It tastes delicious but it is super filling. Plus they're open until super late at night which makes for the perfect meal coming home from the bars.

Henry's Pub

Located in downtown Loveland, I've never NOT seen this place full of people. The atmosphere is fun and elegant and the food is wonderfully delicious. A favorite of mine is the steak medallions but I've also LOVED their shrimp n' grits as well as their Reuben sandwich. Truly, no matter what you get you're in for a treat.


Also located in the heart of downtown Loveland, Chophouse has become a great celebratory dinner restaurant. We've celebrated new jobs, birthdays, anniversary's, etc. here and they never disappoint. They have a pretty equal mix of steak options and seafood options that leave us feeling full until the following morning.


Grimm Brothers

Grimms was one of the first breweries we absolutely fell in love with here in Colorado. The brewery is dog-friendly, they allow any outside food, they host trivia nights as well as host the options for darts and hammerschlagen. We LOVE showing all of our friends and family this little hidden gem.

Avery Brewing Company

This brewery sits in (kind-of) in the middle of nowhere in Boulder BUT don't let that fool you. It's a ginormous brewery that is consistently full of people from all around Northern Colorado and Denver. Their food is amazing and Mark's favorite beer can also be found here - Dionysian series #16: PERSES. It's a beer/wine hybrid that has a high alcohol content to go along with its unique flavor. Mark can never seem to get enough of it while we're there!

Scrumpy's Hard Cider Pub

They are known for it's brewed cider. They make their own delicious flavors and their taps are always changing. I think my favorite drink has got to be cherry cider mixed with Guinness beer. It's sweet but not to the point it makes my stomach hurt. Plus if you know me, I can never turn down a Guinness. ;)

New Terrain Brewing

This brewery is where I found my love for sour beers. Located in Golden, CO right off a few hiking trails, it's a beautiful place to take the family or the pup and enjoy some quality time together. They have a dog park on their land and lots of spaces for kids and dogs to run. It's very family-friendly!


They have some of the BEST beers Colorado has to offer. They do make their own, but they also import some brews from other local breweries in the area. They are very heavily involved with city activities and we love that their dog-friendly. Their board games are always a fun way to pass the time too!

New Belgium Brewery

This brewery has a phenomenal free tour. With three FREE beers along the way, they even have to give a disclaimer about how the brewery sits at a higher altitude and to be careful while drinking your beer. It's a tour that Mark will continue to take again and again.


Mary's Mountain Cookies

I am seeing more and more of these cookie stores pop up in Northern Colorado and I completely understand why! They have all kinds of cookies, cookie dough, brownie dough, and more. One of our favorite snacks to grab when it's warm outside is a cookie ice cream sandwich. It's two cookies with a (very) large scoop of ice cream in the middle. You can create your sandwich flavor(s) so your taste buds are sure to thank you.

Starlight Dessert Bar

If you're looking for a place to fill your sweet tooth cravings OR need a great place to end date night, Starlight is the place to go! Their desserts will have you craving for more.

Toadie Cakes

This is a new place for us! Loveland hosted their annual Sweetheart Festival this past weekend and we met the owners while we were walking around. Although I can't speak for much of their items, their cake pops and sugar cookies were delicious! Plus the owners seemed so fun and truly passionate about their handcrafted sweets.

Loveland, Fort Collins, and the rest of Northern Colorado truly have SO MUCH to offer. Mark and I know that we have barely scraped the surface. If you're ever in the area, try these recommendations out and let me know how you liked them (good or bad).


Are you from the Northern Colorado area and think I missed out on any amazing spots? Let me know! Leave a comment below or shoot me an email at jen.m.rew@gmail.com. I'd love to add your recommendation to the ever-growing list! :) To all travelers/tourists, what are you looking for when you're trying to decide on finding a place to travel to? Food? Beer? Family-Friendly? I'd love to hear your thoughts.

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