• Jen Gibbs

Things I've Been Loving Lately

Updated: Mar 24

Sometimes life becomes hectic and overwhelming. It's important for ALL of us to think about the things in life we LOVE! Check out some of the people, trends, shows, and more I've been obsessing over lately!!

1.) As always, I've been loving up on Mark and my puppy.

I mean how could you NOT?! My fiance is hot and Guinness is adorable is in his little bow-tie. I also love how Guinness is slowly but surely becoming more calm and more trained. Cannot recommend these tips enough!

2.) All the hype for GOT

I haven't been a fan from the START, but I have officially grown to obsess over the series and the memes of course that follow every episode. (Right now Bran memes are my absolute fav.)

3.) The beautiful spring weather (minus the freak bomb cyclone that hit last week)

It's starting to FINALLY warm up to the point where I don't need a winter coat everywhere I go. I'm just not about random blizzards in the middle of the week. However, it helps that it was all melted by the next day. Colorado still rocks.

4.) Being able to save and spend for the items I need (like new clothes instead of the ones I've been wearing since high school while also paying off student/car loans)

Very thankful that Mark and I have FINALLY hit what I call a "stable point" for our bank account. Although we still have a wedding to pay for, we don't have to cut out so much anymore (i.e. saying no to friends or not being able to go back to Omaha). These tips really helped us!

5.) The CONFIDENCE more and more people seem to be growing. KEEP KILLIN' IT Y'ALL

I LOVE seeing others grow in happiness and confidence. So many friends and family members are becoming WHO THEY TRULY WANT TO BE and it's so inspiring. So thank you everyone for crushing it.

6.) The anticipation for The Avengers: End Game

Again, not a series I've been obsessed with since the beginning but HOLY COW. Ever since I saw Avengers Infinity War (and, of course, other Marvel movies) I honestly am so excited to see the new movie. Bring back Spider-Man plz & thx. I'm in love with Tom Holland.

7.) Stalking the cool people who are able to go to Coachella and the Revolve festival-adding both to my bucket list ASAP

This sounds basic, I know. But c'mon. Who would pass up a weekend full of wild outfits, great concerts, and LOTS of alcohol?! I know you would love to be there. So let me have fun watching others have fun, okay? Okay.

8.) Boutique shopping! Currently loving Vintage Willows and Olive Ave

I'm always looking for a good bargain, and if you shop these boutiques right you can get more than you would think! Vintage Willows is here in Loveland, and Olive Ave is located is Rexburg and Idaho Falls but both have great selection on their websites!


With warm weather here, Easter on the horizon, and gardening season beginning I'm ready for ALL of the flowers. And succulents, can't forget those.

10.) Pinterest

Pinterest has been great to help me plan my grocery lists, make bomb dinners, plan my outfits for spring, and help spark wedding ideas/reminders. We've all heard of Pinterest, but have you actually fully used it?! It's truly amazing. Don't forget to follow me!

Now it's YOUR turn! What are you loving and obsessing over lately? Church? Friends? Crazy trends? I'd love to them all. Leave a message in the comments below or shoot me an email! I love hearing from you guys.

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