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Top 10 Things to Do in Munich, Germany

Updated: Apr 13

It's hard to believe that it's already been nearly THREE MONTHS since Mark and I landed back in the States after visiting Germany (and Austria) for our honeymoon vacation. We still love going through all of our photos and laughing about some of our adventures - like how we snuck into a private apartment building's Christmas party.

Munich, Germany was such a fun place to visit. Although I could go on and on about all of the fun things to do, these top 10 are great for quick trips or even extended stays in the city. Which one of these items are you adding to your bucket list? (Hint, hint: You should probably add all of them!)

1.) Visit the Marienplatz (Munich's Town Hall & Downtown Area)

This beautiful building is at the heart of a bustling city. The area is beautiful but is also full of great shopping areas and restaurants. Honestly, this was where Mark and I spent most of our time, it had the underground train stop and the biggest Christmas market area! Plus, it was a FANTASTIC place to people watch.

2.) Hit up the churches/Cathedrals for beautiful architecture and take a step back in history (Saint Peter's was our favorite to visit!)

Mark and I always try to get into every church we pass by. Churches and cathedrals are great ways to learn history, experience beautiful art, and view wonderful architecture that I wish we could recreate more in today's buildings. Churches in Europe usually have area-specific historical pieces throughout the church, so make sure to check every nook and cranny!

Our favorite Cathedral we visited in Munich was St. Peter's. Although it does cost three Euros, we walked up the bell towers where we got a 360-degree view of the Marienplatz city center. We went at sunset and I don't think we could've ASKED for a better view. We got our workout in and were rewarded with a beautiful view.

3.) Take a bus ride to visit the concentration camp in Dachau

Just a little warning: the concentration camp is SUCH a somber experience. There are many detailed history notes throughout the camp but SEEING the place and getting a visual of just HOW BAD so many human beings were treated. There were moments where your heart just silently breaks or your mind tries to process just how many people actually filled the camp. All of it seems impossible, but as we all know the history, it happened, and it was brutal.

If you need a little pick-me-up after walking the large camp, I recommend hitting up the Dachau Palace. Although the Palace has been turned into a restaurant and events center, you can take a walk through the spacious gardens and view the distant mountains. I only wish I had a long flowy dress to complete the scene! If you go during the summer months, I would LOVE to see some photos. Going in the winter meant seeing a lot of empty trees and only a few plants. I was still impressed with how well the area was kept up, but it would be wonderful to see the space luscious and green.

4.) Grab a beer at the Hofbräuhaus

This was one of our TOP places we visited while in Munich. The place is ALWAYS packed (it's world-renowned brewhouse so we weren't surprised). It's a seat yourself situation which nearly always forces you to talk to strangers. It's hard to NOT talk to anyone when you're sitting shoulder to shoulder and can hear every conversation around you. We were lucky to get to meet a lovely couple who live in the UK. We spent three and a half hours of swaping stories about different countries, our vacations, and where life has taken us. It was fun because we were having a blast on our honeymoon and they were having fun on their "babymoon" waiting for their first baby to arrive. 10/10 highly recommend the food, the atmosphere, and of course, the BEER!

5.) Take a walk through the Englischer Gardens

This is another place I would love to visit when the weather is just a tad warmer. The place is BEAUTIFUL and even at the end of December, the fields were so GREEN! I cannot imagine how it would look with all of the flowers in bloom. One of our favorite parts of the garden was the rivers that run through them. There are a couple of places where the rapids are heavy and surfers go there to practice their endurance and skills. They are all talented and watching them almost makes us want to throw on a wetsuit and try it out.

6.) Try a bunch of different restaurants! But don't forget to also grab pretzels and brats from the streetcars!

Not going to lie, we got a little concerned when we were talking to our (first) Uber driver after getting off of the plane. He told us that Germany "wasn't known for their food" and that there weren't many delicious options in Munich. We couldn't disagree more! We tried numerous restaurants of all kinds and it's hard to pick a favorite. Even the street restaurants where we picked up our traditional German pretzels and brats were tasty. Honestly, we loved all of the food throughout the entire trip.

7.) Visit the Bayerisches National Museum

As someone who doesn't typically enjoy many museums, this place wasn't my favorite BUT Mark loved the place. Bayerisches National Museum was all about the traditional Bavarian culture and Mark couldn't get enough. From knights armor sets to large globes created way back when we spent a good couple of hours combing through large pieces of history and he was in love with every second of it.

8.) Take a day trip to Austria!

Munich is such a great place for a home base to visit other places. For Mark's birthday, we went to Salzburg, Austria to celebrate! It was only about a 2-hour train ride and we got to visit more Christmas markets and walk through a giant fortress/castle that held MORE history and amazing views. Honestly, Salzburg was one of our favorite parts of the whole trip and we would love to go back to visit again and see Innsbruck too!

9.) Visit Munich during prime seasonal times: Oktoberfest & Christmas are two of the most fun seasons!

We purposely choose to go to Munich on our honeymoon because it's the Christmas market capital of the world and we were NOT disappointed in the markets! We picked up fun souvenirs and drank Gluhwein (mulled wine) at each booth we encountered. If you can go to Germany, or even Europe as a whole during Christmas time, you are in for a TREAT!

We have had the opportunity to visit Ireland for Saint Patrick's Day and another item on our bucket list is to go to Germany during Oktoberfest. I've only heard great things. If you've already gone during that time, I would love to hear your stories and any tips/tricks you have!

10.) Find your own adventures!

Some of the best memories are the ones you never plan. Take a walk, enter buildings/pathways/shops/restaurants/etc. that looks interesting to YOU. Not everything needs to or should be planned out. Allow yourself some extra time to sleep or explore what's directly around you. Mark and I seriously loved just walking around our hotel neighborhood and looking at the buildings and finding hole-in-the-wall pubs and cafes. When you leave time to explore on your own time, you're giving yourself time to create your OWN memories and other photo opportunities that others don't have.


Did I forget any places that you loved in Munich?! What are some of your favorite restaurants and bars? Which one of these items are you adding to your bucket list ASAP? I would love to hear from you. Don't hesitate to leave a comment below or shoot me an email at jen.m.rew@gmail.com. I'm looking forward to seeing all of your own Germany adventures on social media soon! ;)

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