• Jen Gibbs

Trust the Process Through All of the Change

Updated: Apr 13

Trust the Process. TTP. All of my fellow KAIROS participants know exactly what this phrase means. It's a phrase I heard frequently on our four-day Catholic high school retreat alllll those years ago and it's a phrase my anxiety-driven self often hears faintly in the back of my head.

If you haven't heard of this saying, it's exactly what it sounds like - TRUST THE PROCESS. Trust where life takes you. All the good moments, the bad moments, the unbreakable friendships, the shift in job positions - believe that it's all made for you because it is! This life is made for you and ONLY you. What you experience, the relationships you lose or gain, and even the foods you're destined to eat are part of a plan bigger than any of us can fathom and it's up to us to Trust the Process.

I'll be the first to admit that your 20's are a strange time. People are living their lives the best that they can and this looks and feels different for each and every person. Some are getting married and starting a family. Others are out trying to find what makes them happy whether that be travel, different lovers, or finding that perfect, fulfilling job.

As Mark and I stare down another life change, I'm reminded that where I am, where I've been, and where I'm going is already meant to be. It's up to me to change my energy and my attitude on life and accept that what's to come is destined to be. This simple thought is peaceful and exciting at the same time. It's almost like there is some kind of invisible hand closing doors, opening windows and picking me up and setting me back down in a completely different house.

Whether we realize it or not, there is a whole world and timeline that our existence touches. Especially with access to social media, we are able to communicate with friends, family, and strangers around the world in seconds! We have the capability to change a person's whole day with a simple text message or a spoken "hello." Your choices, your words, and your actions always create a ripple effect, even if we may not see it. This ripple effect will circle back around to you in ways you least expect it. Scary AND exhilarating, right? Don't worry! It's good to be a little uncomfortable. But my question to you is, what are you putting out into the world? How are YOU trusting the process, even in hard times?

As our household gets ready to tackle another obstacle, I've been frequently reminded to Trust the Process and believe that what's to come is meant to be. Although change is never easy, learning to positively react and control the controllable is necessary. What you put out into the world is typically what you receive in return. So choose love. Choose strength. You may just be surprised at what comes your way. ;)


2020 has seemed to have held so many changes for tons of people! What changes have/are you going through? Don't be afraid to brag either! If you got that promotion, crushed a goal, or are living your life to the fullest, I want to hear it! Leave a comment below or shoot me an email at jen.m.rew@gmail.com. I look forward to hearing (and seeing) all of the changes and accomplishments you bring yourself. :)

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