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Why I Started My Blog and Why You Should Too

Updated: Jul 1

April 15, 2018, was the first day I (proudly) posted my first ever BLOG! At the time, I had the free version of a Wix website and my domain was all weird with lots of random numbers and letters. Fast forward nearly two years later and my website looks just a TAD different compared to back then. I've updated my domain (twice, thanks to my now-husband!) and my posting has become incredibly more consistent. Although I still have a ways to go and I've seen some really big challenges first-hand, I've loved growing my blog, creating new content, and putting my marketing background to good use with my own little project.

But why did I start my blog?

There are a few reasons why I started my blog two years ago. To start off, I was becoming bored. As I've mentioned before, I am totally okay with a go, go, go lifestyle. I typically thrive when I can hop from one thing to another. I was in my last semester and with graduation on the horizon, I could feel myself wanting more. More to do, more to focus on, and more areas to learn. I was working full-time, while also going to school full-time but the intensity was already starting to dwindle. I needed a creative outlet and I love writing but I was having a hard time forcing myself to write about certain areas of my life.

Second, I was finally starting to see what popular social media accounts were able to do. I was intrigued by the marketing aspects and the brand collaborations many accounts were able to pull off. As a social media manager at the time, I wanted to be to test the latest "trends" or social media "hacks" and be able to properly report to clients. Social media marketing is one of the biggest marketing trends to date. Influencer marketing has almost taken front and center and I wanted to watch this marketing piece grow from as close as I could.

Finally, I saw the potential to make a little income from social media. If I could start making an income, even a small amount, just by posting I thought it could only be helpful. After all, I DO have student loans to pay for, some extra cash would be nice. Also, I've been enjoying trying some products from brands that I wouldn't normally buy. Influenster and Heartbeat got me started on trying new items, but now as I've mentioned, brands are starting to reach out asking to collaborate with my account.

As I've mentioned, I still have a WAYS to go. I'm still learning every day. It's almost two years later and I'm only finally starting to see the results I've been looking for. I have started to put time and effort into my blog, Instagram, and Facebook page and I've already seen a huge difference over the past couple of months. I'm still not where I want to be, but I feel like I'm finally getting started. Truly, getting started on building my own brand.

So why do I continue to keep going?

I've heard it before. "It's been almost two years and you're just NOW 'starting?'" YES! It takes time to build anything of purpose. I've been dead set on growing organically. I haven't put in any ad money, I haven't bought followers, I haven't even joined those annoying "follow-circles" on Instagram, nor have I promoted anything I didn't truly love. I want to tell and stick to MY personal story. I won't twist myself into something I'm not or don't want to be. Something that we ALL need to keep in mind - your story is good enough. YOU are good enough. Don't become something you aren't proud of because you're chasing money or Instagram fame.

What if you want to start your own blog or even small business? Can you do it now?

Yes! DO IT!! Another main reason I've been grinding away so much lately, is that Instagram usage ALONE has gone up over 40%. That doesn't include any other platform, but to tell you a secret, allllllll of the social media apps are experiencing much more usage than ever before. More and more people are turning to social media outlets for news, funny memes and even home decor or art ideas.

To be completely honest, you don't have to be an amazing writer either. There are a lot of "bloggers" in the world who don't update their website (or even have their own domain). The influencer market is HUGE and HOT in today's world - I'm talking over a billion dollars huge. So if you want to start getting free items or even an extra income via social media (without working for an MLM) here are some tips for you:

1.) Figure out what you are actually interested in. You can always change or grow your niche later but when you really hone in on something, it's easier for you and the brand(s) to work together.

2.) Set up your Instagram account to a professional page if you want people to take you seriously.

3.) My true advice? Set up a website, even if it's just a free one. It will show that you have technical skills and you can really showcase who you are and how you want brands and your community to see you.

4.) Start building your community. Figure out who you want your target follower/top engagement account to look like and start posting to that person.

5.) Post, write, share like the whole world is watching... because they are. This doesn't have to be a scary thought, just remember to be a little sensitive to what's going on in the world and how you ultimately want to be received. If you want to be funny making fun of the world go ahead. If you're looking to show yourself in a more empathetic light, make sure to be considerate. Everyone's platforms are going to look different!

6.) Keep in mind that no matter how many other people are in the same "industry" or "field" as you, YOU are unique simply by bringing your own perspective and skills to the forefront. Keep doing you, boo!

7.) Just START! The hardest part of any project, business, etc. is starting. You don't have to have everything perfect the first time. In fact, it probably will be far from perfect! Just keep going and you will keep growing.

You CAN start the business, blog, or influencer account of your dreams. Don't be afraid to be creative and put yourself out there. You may be surprised at just how many people were waiting for you to do so! Now is the time to start with your digital media journey. SO many people are online and it's your turn to get in front of them. Are you ready?


Have any other tips for starting your own business or digital media project? I'd love to hear them! Or have you started your own project? I would love to follow and support you! Drop your link(s) below or shoot me an email at jen.m.rew@gmail.com. I'm all about helping small business and personal projects not just during this hard time but always! I would love to help in any way I can.

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